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HIGH IMPACT – Peripheral Neuropathy

HIGH IMPACT – Peripheral Neuropathy

To most individuals, “feel the burn” evokes imagery of sweat inducing, endorphin pumping, muscle blasting total workouts.   Unfortunately, to a smaller yet significant subset of our population, this popular catch-phrase carries a much more negative, and literal, connotation.  Members of this group suffer from peripheral neuropathy (PN).   Folks with PN know “the burn” all to well.   Common complaints include a persistent burning in the hands and feet, cramping, stabbing pain in the legs, alternating hot and cold sensations, and a pervasive numbness and tingling.   What is more, these unpleasant symptoms do not like to rest when we do.  In fact, many complain about a “fire in their feet” as they unwind for the night and the need to constantly reposition their legs, leading to loss of much needed sleep.


Dysautonomia broadly refers to a problem with the autonomic nervous system, or ANS. The ANS is a special portion of the nervous system which is integral in the body’s maintenance of homeostasis, or “steady state”.  The ANS controls functions of the body that occur automatically.  These functions are typically outside the domain of the peripheral and central nervous system.  For example, heart rate, respiratory rate, bowel motility, bladder contractility, pupil size, skin temperature and sweating are all modulated by the ANS.

Fibromyalgia and RSD/CRPS

Dr. Schwartz is the Medical Director of the St. Francis Bon Secours Hospital Fibromyalgia Restorative Care Program.     He is also the Medical Director of the South Carolina Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Fibromyalgia Support Group, which he founded in 1990.

Dr. Schwartz has numerous publications and lectured extensively on both Fibromyalgia and RSD/CRPS.   His practice has special emphasis on patients with complex, chronic pain that have weather sensitive aspect to their symptoms.

He has a unique approach that reduces Total Load, the total number of things that do not allow someone to be well, and addresses autonomic dysfunction (eye, bowel, bladder, heart, skin, and movement disorders) associated with these conditions.