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Medicinal Signaling Cell Therapy for Back and Spine Pain

In the last decade or so, medicinal signaling cell (MSC) therapy has become more widely used in regenerative medicine to treat injuries and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. In particular, MSC  therapy for back pain has been very effective for reducing pain from inflammation due to mechanical factors such as loss of tissue, and increasing overall function. At Piedmont PMR, our outpatient procedure options can utilizes your body’s natural healing power to help repair tissue, speed healing, and therefore reduce pain.

What Is Medicinal Signaling Cell (MSC) Therapy

MSC therapy involves harvesting medicinal signaling cells from your own body and then  transplanting them to areas in need of healing or repair. Adult MSCs are mesenchymal derived and can be found in several areas of the body, most notably in adipose (fat) tissue. During an in-office procedure, we harvest your MSCs, prepare them, and reinject them in the same session. Some of the benefits of this therapy can be:

  • Long lasting pain relief and restoration of function/mobility
  • Less invasive than surgical options
  • Minimal risk, due to autologous transfer (harvesting from your own body, not a donor)
  • Quick, outpatient procedure with short recovery time

MSC Therapy for Back and Spine Pain

Studies show that over half of Americans experience back pain at some point each year, many of them struggling with chronic issues. In fact, back pain is a leading cause of missed work, limited activity, and has been linked with depression. The most common cause of low back pain is degenerative disc disease. Over time, the cushioning (discs) between the vertebrae (bones) degrades, leading to pain and stiffness. Because the discs have low blood supply compared to other parts of the body, they are slow to heal. Typical treatments consist of pharmaceutical pain relievers and eventually surgery. However, this is not always effective.

At Piedmont PMR, we offer a more natural approach which can be used in treating back pain featuring MSC transplantation. Your body’s MSCs can stimulate a healing response to the injection site. In other words, we are able to assist the body in repairing itself. After the procedure, many patients see results around the 3-4 week mark but the full impact of potential benefit can take up to 6 months.  Over the course of treatment, the goal is to regrow healthy tissue that has been lost due to injury and/or degradation.

At Piedmont PMR, we utilize MSC injections for people suffering from chronic back pain. Our patients have seen improvements in function and mobility while experiencing less pain doing the activities they love. We are happy to consult with you about the benefits of this type of therapy for back pain, and to see if it might be a good fit for you.