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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Dr. and Mrs. Schwartz at their home in Greenville, South Carolina.
Dr. Schwartz, Physician/Founder &
Sheri Schwartz, Practice Administrator

Robert G. Schwartz, MD has independently owned and operated Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, P.A. in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, since 1984. He specializes in physical, vascular and regenerative medicine, and offers non-surgical specialty care for complex, chronic pain.

He is internationally recognized as an innovator and leading practitioner in the Neuromusculoskeletal, Vascular and Regenerative Medicine fields. His body of work includes a long list of peer-reviewed publications, numerous medical directorships and chairs, membership in multiple professional associations, five medical certifications, medical licensure in three states, four long-term teaching appointments, ten guest professorships, and numerous committee appointments.

Career Highlights

Dr. Schwartz holds numerous medical directorships and chairs and memberships in multiple professional associations. Notable positions have included:

  • Chair of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation’s Medical Practice Committee
  • President of the American Academy of Thermology,
  • Medical Director of Physical Medicine at Bons Secours Hospital in Greenville, SC
  • Medical Director for the South Carolina RSD and Fibromyalgia Support Group

He has also served on the advisory committee of the Greenville Dystonia Support Group and was the Medical Director for the Upstate South Carolina Polio & Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group during its 25 year existence.

Dr. Schwartz has lectured and taught extensively throughout the United States and Europe and has a long list of distinguished publications on regenerative medicine, neuromusculoskeletal and breast thermography, electroceutical pain management, electric sympathetic block, diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasonography, peripheral arterial disease, pain pharmachology, and Somato-visceral pain syndromes. He has written for medical publications on a large variety of topics and serves on the medical review board for HarvardUniversity’s wikidoc.org.

His Story

“My mother had serious health issues, including three separate surgeries on her back. Eventually, she died from her problems. Like most families, her ordeal was also mine. I was right there with her, saw firsthand what she was going through and shared in the emotional part of her pain. It left a mark on my life.

“From that experience, and from three decades of practice as a complex-pain and physical and vascular medicine specialist, I know that pain, weakness, numbness, muscle-motor problems and other severe conditions affect the whole person. In other words, your mind and your spirit are also part of the equation. It’s your whole life that is changed.

“For these reasons, I am completely dedicated to finding and treating pain at its source. This has driven me to intensive research, a spirit of innovation and a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your condition. I’m proud to have achieved such dramatic results, even for people with long-term unresolved problems. For me, the reward is in helping people like you get back to living life.”

A Different Kind of Pain Doctor

Dr. Schwartz and his staff are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of complex, chronic pain, weakness, numbness, immunological compromise, and functional impairment for back, neck, spine and ligament pain; fibromyalgia; osteoarthritis; overuse injuries; sports injuries; thoracic outlet syndrome; reflex sympathetic dystrophy; peripheral neuropathy; peripheral arterial disease; polio; dystonia; lupus like syndromes; or any chronic pain you have not been able to get diagnosed.

With a concentrated interest in fibromyalgia, CRPS/RSD, regenerative medicine and integrated alternative care, Dr. Schwartz is a strong advocate of a patient-centered approach and is the innovator of the Challenge & Choice program, a tool designed to enhance responsible choice for the health care consumer. His wife, Sheri, is the practice administrator. She also helps patients with nutrition and fitness related questions.

They Help What Hurts

Dr. Schwartz’s team is dedicated to helping their patients get to the root cause of their problem and finding the best possible way to help them heal. They also recognize that both the diagnosis of these conditions and being a patient in today’s health environment can be difficult, so he and his staff encourage patient involvement in the decision making process. They believe that health care is personal and do their best to foster an office environment that is consistent with their vision: Your Life. Your Health. Your Peace.

If you miss the personal care and concern of the old-style family doctor, you’ll discover that genuine concern, attention to detail, and personal care for the whole patient once again right here in this private practice – Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.