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Medical Words You Should Know

One of the best things you can do to help communicate with your doctor is to learn a few medical words that are used to describe what it is that hurts.

Muscles: these make your body move. They get stronger when exercised.

Ligaments: these attach bone to bone. They are like pieces of tape (exercise does not strengthen them, only the muscles surrounding them).

Joints: where two bones come together.

Joint Capsules: what surround the space where the two bones come together. They have a lot of ligament in them.

Synovium: a spongy like material that is just under the joint capsule.

Cartilage: the outer surface of the bone that is inside the joint (if it becomes rough, it is called arthritis).

Neck: this is between your head and shoulders.

Upper Back: this is between your shoulder blades.

Mid Back: this is between the bottom of your shoulder blades and the top of your pelvis bone.

Low Back: this is the bottom part of your back, just above your tailbone.

Thigh: the portion of the body between your pelvis and knee.

Leg: the portion of our body between your knee and foot.

It is always best to be as specific as possible. It helps a lot to point to the part you are talking about.

Remember, your doctor can’t see through you, so if the problem is in your mid back, turn around so your doctor can see your back and then point to the problem spot.

Also remember, when you point to an area, don’t wave your hand all around. Point to where the problem starts, or is worse, and then if it travels, or moves from there, trace it slowly so that your doctor can follow along.