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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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“I have been seeing Dr. Schwartz for almost a year now. I have never regretted any of my 2 hour trips to him. He has helped me control my RSD in my foot at times it bothers me more than others, especially in this cold weather.Dr. Schwartz also treats me for my nerve damage. Last year, I was not receiving care from Dr. Schwartz and I was in so much pain that I cried everyday. He is a very patient and caring physician who truly cares about his patients and listens to their needs and concerns. If anyone has been in pain for a long time and still have no answers please take a ride to Greenville, SC it will be worth it. He has the most pleasant staff and I feel like I could actually call on anyone of them for a question.”

-Ronda (Lexington SC)


“I am president of RSDSA of the Midlands, which meets in Columbia, SC. Our group is 5 years old now. I have RSD which started in my lumbar spine immediately after an anterior spinal fusion in March 1994. It quickly spread, and it now “full body”. I have met Dr. Schwartz and talked with him, but not as a patient of his. I’ve been very impressed with him and he’s volunteered his time in offering to come to Columbia to speak for us. I know of a good many of his patients, and have seen first-hand, what good results so many of them have received! If you are looking for a knowledgeable and caring doctor for your RSD, look no further than Dr. Robert Schwartz! Thank you!”

-Debbie Lewis (Columbia, SC)


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Schwartz for about 5 months. He has helped me both physically and mentally. When you have chronic pain, sometimes you feel you are in a world all alone and people around you (especially your family) think you are nuts. I am here to let everyone know that you can get better no matter what your diagnosis is. I depend on Dr. Schwartz to be there whenever I need him. I urge anyone who is having chronic pain to go to Dr. Schwartz in Greenville.”


“Dr. Schwartz has helped me “beat” Dystonia. I wanted to share with everyone that Dr. Schwartz is a wonderful, caring doctor who deeply cares about his patients. He found out more about me and what was wrong with me in 1 visit than 6 doctors had in the last 17 months. He is taking 1 visit at a time and treating me the way he feels is needed and I trust him completely which is a much needed part of a relationship between a doctor and their patient.. So if there is anyone who needs a REAL doctor who cares about his patient then you need to take the trip.”


“Having just met Dr. Schwartz at the RSDSA Conference in Atlantic City, I know that he is top notch in the field of RSD. He has immense knowledge of the disease and from my observations, is a great communicator. He also has great qualities that many doctors are missing…. such as empathy, feelings, understanding, a willingness to help and to listen, and the ability to convey this to those of us who have this disease. Thanks Dr. Schwartz!”


“We traveled many, many miles seeking RSD answers. We found answers to our questions when we went to visit Dr. Schwartz in South Carolina. I am very grateful to Dr. Schwartz and his terrific staff for the very professional and kind attention. Despite our very short stay, Dr. Schwartz and his staff administered the necessary tests and have given me more information and recommendations for treatment in a few days than I had received in more than a year. Thank you, thank you.”


“Hi, My name is Sandy and my 16 year old daughter Melanie has RSD in left foot, now knee, and it is moving upwards on the left side of her body. We began seeing Dr. Schwartz last November and Melanie hadn’t walked for a year and half and was in so much pain. She had been to 15 different doctors even Duke and Baptist, every kind of medicine including all narcotics, blocks, and many other types of procedures that didn’t work or should I say made her worse.

“Dr. Schwartz has helped her go from a wheelchair, to crutches, a cane, and now she is walking on her own. He has given her life back along with the rest of the family. We are so grateful for him. His sincere, kind, and genuine caring for my daughter (and my husband and I) has been overwhelming. We live in NC about 3 hours from his office but it was well worth the drive. He not only worked with RSD but also looked at her whole body and mind as a real person. I can’t say enough good about him.

“We started off with trigger point injections, medicine changes, and an electrical block (which we had to go everyday for one week) and that really helped the color changes and temperature for Melanie. She had had so many epidural blocks that it damaged her back also, Dr. Schwartz has helped that too. I know that everyone is different and what works for one doesn’t work for another, but Dr. Schwartz is the most compassionate, caring Dr. that helped us get our lives back. Finally I should say our family has hope for the future with Dr. Schwartz.”



“Dr. Schwartz, I just want to thank you for helping my granddaughter Melanie H. You are truly special. Our prayers are with you. She is truly a special girl to us. I hope this is the beginning of a recovery for her. Thank you and God bless.”

-Mrs. Hillman (New York)


“I e-mailed Roadback.org about a month ago and Connie who was kind enough to respond to my request for a list of SC and TN doctors. I chose Dr. Robert G. Schwartz because he took my insurance, was only an hour away, and had a website which was very informative. I would recommend him to anyone as in the past 3 visits he has already helped my pain by running labs and tests which were never done before, listened and treated me with respect and kindness, offered me options for treatment and is continuing my AP infusions. His staff is also skilled, sensitive and they file insurance! He has also sent me downstairs to the Endocrinologist he collaborates with due to my adrenal needs. Just wanted to let the whole staff know how impressed I am that your office seems to actually know what they are doing when dealing with patient care.”


“I may be jumping the gun on this, but my visit yesterday could not have come at a better time after having such a bad morning physically. I was starting to wonder if there really was hope to dig out of this dark hole I seemed to have ended up in. Dr Schwartz asked me if something was wrong when I had tears in my eyes as he was summing up what we found so far about my condition. After months of pain and being able to make no sense of what was going on in my life anymore (problems in comprehension) I feel I may just have found that hope.”


“I just want to say that Dr. Schwartz is the greatest doctor there is. I’ve known him since my freshman year and he hasn’t changed. He’s still great and humorous as ever. lol! Thanks for the healing.”


“A longtime friend (about 20 years) and sincere admirer of Dr.Schwartz and his family.”



“I wanted to let you know I think that Dr. Schwartz saved my life. I was so sick when I went to him. I could hardly walk. I was always running a low grade fever and felt terrible. I always blamed everything on RSD. Dr. Schwartz found out that I had two different infections going on in my body. I also had mercury poisoning and my blood levels were very low in minerals. He cleared up my thinking by correcting those problems and by changing a few of my medications. I still have RSD but I will not let it control my life any longer. I also wanted to thank Louise Plaster for personally meeting me at the door to his office and showing me around. Louise is also an asset to our cause.”



“My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with RSD in October of 2002. We had never heard of this. It started in her left big toe her entire foot was swollen and blue. We spent a week in the hospital in Macon then a week in Emory University Hosp in Atlanta. While in Atlanta they preformed a sympenthectomy. Three weeks later it was back so then they started the radio frequency nerve burnings. After two failed and nobody could answer any questions, God lead us to the Dr. Schwartz’s website.

“My daughter experienced 6 months of not being able to walk and intense pain. After the diagnoses and an injection in her back, she walked out of Dr.Schwartz’s office. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! After the 4th visit Charlene states that she is 100% better than when we went Jan 28, 2003. I thank God that He has blessed Dr. Schwartz with the knowledge to help people with this condition. All praise honor and glory goes to God!! And I thank Dr Schwartz for being willing to learn. It is well worth the 5hour trip to SC. If you are out there wondering should I go, Make the decision and go NOW!!!”

-Lisa Mullis


“Often many of you have inquired of my health problems and to the best of my ability I’ve tried to explain my discomfort. It’s all very difficult to explain, but it all stems from severe neck injury that I suffered from in a car accident I was involved in back in 1977–in Houston, TX. This month in PEOPLE magazine Paula Abdul has an article on the very same thing I suffer with. The magazine date is May 2nd–If you have opportunity, please look the article over.

“With Dr. Schwartz’s help, I have now been able to rise above almost all of the pain and discomfort. All the odd symptoms that other physicians gave me more pills for or even told me it was in my HEAD–are all behind me now! I hope and pray that it will perhaps inform you and even members of your social circle to a better understanding of chronic pain sufferers and their silent tasks to maintain a normal life of activity.

“Please don’t make the mistake of categorizing patients of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy as being mentally challenged or emotionally unstable–(although many of you and MY FAMILY would debate this issue heavily in MY case!) It’s quite the contour–You must be very strong emotionally to over ride the pain and distractions of the discomfort. Not to mention the fight to stay focused on anything! For those of us that love life and it’s purpose–we continue–and with assistance sent to us through Physicians such as Dr. Robert Schwartz, we receive the blessing of normal function.”



“Dear Dr. Schwartz, I began attending the RSD support group last month. The information that you have shared at the last two meetings has been very helpful. Recently moving from a large metropolitan area (St. Louis), I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to find doctors who could work with my health condition. Not only have I found exceptional doctors here, you have proven to me that “top doctors” don’t always think outside the box. Even though we tried the traditional therapies, somehow, their understanding of neuropathy to my bladder and pelvic was a little illusive.

“Your comments really hit home with me when you talked about why some of the traditional therapies may not work and how when they don’t, doctors just assume that’s all that can be done. I have also found the information on your website to be very helpful. I am printing off the Challenge and Choice to take with me on vacation. I too believe it is important to learn how and why we respond to things and that by understanding what we actually do have control of, we can have some inner peace regarding our health care. I hope that this new way of looking at things can help me set some realistic expectations for my appointment.Your patience and support at the meetings means more than you could ever know.”



“Dear Dr. Schwartz, the physical therapist at Spartanburg Rehabilitation Services told me how quick you were to send them the additional orders they needed and how kind everyone they dealt with was. She told me it sometimes took forever and many calls to get what they needed. I can not think of a single time that you did not help me all that you could with whatever problem I had. I also can not think of an office where the people have been kinder. I also do not believe without your knowledge and help that I would still be walking considering the weight I have gained. As your probably have noticed I seem to have lost my way again and am looking for the way back. Anyway, this note is to say thank you, something I will be too shy to do in person.”



“I just want to thank you for spending so much time with me Friday. You have such a gift of healing, caring, and using it to help others. Your office staff is a compliment they are a caring group and I always tell them because all of mean so much to me.”