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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Helpful Hints for Empowerment

One of the strongest steps toward empowering yourself is through education and awareness of the your problem or situation.

Regain Control
Getting involved in your healthcare will allow you to regain some control in your life. Be an active participant.

Create a new big picture
When bad things happen, such as an illness, it can change the “big picture” that we have painted for our life. Not being able to fulfill that “big picture” can be devastating to a person. It helps to create a new Big Picture to focus on.

Take risks
Taking on new challenges can encourage you to set goals and find a way to achieve them. Accomplishing the goals will strengthen your self-esteem and confidence. As each challenge is reached, accept another one. Use your creativity and intuition. Explore your strengths and weaknesses.

Listen to your body
Sometimes we can be our own worse enemy. Our body will tell us what we need if we would only listen. Work with it, not against it. You will become stronger for it.

Help Others
By helping others you end up helping yourself. Helping others can help you to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Learn to accept changes
Changes can bring frustration and confusion. Sometimes we feel that accepting the changes brought on by a new situation (for example, illness), means we are giving in to the illness. In reality, by not accepting the changes that come with a situation, we end up holding ourselves back. Learn and change one step at a time.

Improve Communication
Communication is a skill that is very important, especially between doctor and patient. Listening is also a communication skill. Each party involved must work at improving these skills. Patients should go their doctor visit prepared with a list of concerns and/or questions. Plan for your visit as you would plan for a business meeting. Doctors should take time to listen and show some understanding.

Think Positively
Negativity is like a heavy weight that can hold you down. Thinking positively will give you strength to tackle and get through difficult situations. Projecting positive energy will draw positive energy back to you.