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317 St. Francis Dr.
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Fat Graft Containing Medicinal Signaling Cells Harvested With BeautiFILL

Many people don’t realize that adipose (fat) tissue contains valuable endocrine functions including medicinal signaling that can be used for tissue engineering, support, volume enhancement, and cushioning. Medicinal signaling cells  direct your body’s “blank slate” cells, able to specialize to perform different functions throughout the body.  Plus, adipose is typically used to provide tissue support, volume, and cushioning. During a fat graft, we are able to harvest the healthy fat tissue containing signaling cells and transplant it where needed. Fat grafting is quick, safe, and effective.

Medicinal Signaling Cell Cushion Injections for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Stem Cell Injections at Piedmont PMR

In our practice, we have seen how fat derived, cushioning, medicinal signaling cell injections positively impact patients suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Now, advanced technology has made it possible to retrieve adipose (fat) derived medicinal signaling cells in a quick, minimally invasive in-office procedure. In the same session, we inject them into the areas of the body that need support. Our patients have benefited greatly from this procedure making us quite excited about it.

The Ideal Means of Harvesting Volume Enhancing Medicinal Signaling Cells

The ideal means of harvesting stem cells

Medicinal signaling cells are utilized in a variety of medical procedures due to the incredible healing power associated with volume enhancement, cushioning, and tissue engineering. However, harvesting them in a way that is safe and convenient is not always easy. Let’s discuss some of the ways of harvesting medicinal signaling cells and why some methods are proving to be more advantageous than others.