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The Problems of Describing How Chronic Pain Feels

The Problems of Describing How Chronic Pain Feels.

It can be difficult to describe your own experience with pain, but self-reporting is one of the most important ways of diagnosing chronic pain conditions.

One of the most difficult aspects of getting a diagnosis and appropriate treatment when you suffer from chronic pain, is the difficulty of expressing how the pain feels. Your doctor will inevitably ask you to describe your pain, and may offer suggestions such as burning, stabbing or aching to help you pinpoint the type of pain you are enduring. However, pain can be so variable, and the experience of it will be unique to the sufferer, so very often you may struggle to find the right words to describe what it is you’re feeling. It’s like trying to describe the peculiar noise your car is making to your mechanic – they will ask you if it’s a grinding, or a squealing, but you know it’s not really either of those. The solution is for the mechanic to take your car out for a drive and listen for the noise themselves, but when it comes to sharing your pain, your doctor can’t experience what you’re feeling.

Getting to Grips with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Getting to Grips with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist pain, pins and needles and loss of grip could be due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

carpal tunnel syndrome reliefIf you’re getting pain in your hands, numbness or pins and needles at night, and find you can’t grip as well as you used to, you might start to worry about arthritis. It’s the logical candidate for these kinds of symptoms, but don’t assume it’s responsible in your case – get yourself checked out by your doctor. You could be suffering from ligament strain in the arm or neck, or have pinched or inflamed nerves in the neck, and it’s important to ascertain the cause of your symptoms to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment. One of the most common causes of these symptoms is a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.