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Prolotherapy Can Help Aches and Pains

Prolotherapy Can Help Aches and Pains

Prolotherapy can help aches and painsYou may not have heard of prolotherapy, but it could be the answer to your muscle, tendon, ligament and joint pain. Prolotherapy works by repairing, or more specifically re-growing the affected tissue – the name comes from the word “proliferate”, i.e. to grow. The treatment involves the injection of medication composed from natural compounds into the injured ligaments and tendons, stimulating the growth of new tissue and thus helping to heal the cause of the pain.

The Weather And Musculoskeletal Pain

Can you forecast the rain with your pain? Does the weather affect your musculoskeletal pain? Chances are you have weather sensitive pain.Can You Forecast The Weather With Your Pain?

It’s the kind of thing you probably heard your grandparents say: “There’s rain coming, I can feel it in my joints.” It sounds like the kind of claim that can safely be filed under “Old Wives’ Tales”, but clinical studies of weather sensitive pain have shown that people with several chronic pain conditions are able to predict changes in the weather quite accurately.

Navigating Your Way Through Brain Fog

Navigating Your Way Through Brain Fog.  Brain fog is a symptom of several chronic pain problems, notably fibromyalgia, from where it gets the commonly used name of fibro fog. It can accompany a number of medical conditions, including vascular problems, diabetes, and as a result of contact with a toxic substance. It is also a side effect of chemotherapy treatment used for cancer patients. Whatever the health issue that gives rise to brain fog, the effects are broadly similar. In combination with the chronic fatigue that is a frequent symptom of pain conditions, it can have a significant impact on your quality of life.