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The Role of Adipose-derived Medicinal Signaling Cells In Reconstructive Surgery

Adipose Derived Stem Cells

The use of medicinal signaling cells in regenerative medicine is not new, especially to treat tissue defects or injury. However, the advancement of technique for harvesting and refining adipose tissue (fat tissue) has unlocked revolutionary new applications for medicinal signaling cells derived from fat. Autologous fat transfer can be utilized in reconstructive surgery as a minimally invasive way of delivering tissue engineering therapy.


People with Fibromyalgia often ask: Am I Crazy?  Many people afflicted with chronic, widespread musculoskeletal pain suffer in silence.  These unfortunate individuals have days, or even weeks, where even the most mundane of daily activities seem like a daunting of physical task.  Fatigue, brain “fog”, and hypersensitivity among other symptoms dominate minute-to-minute existence.  Indeed, for sufferers of fibromyalgia, this is a harsh reality to endure.

Fibromyalgia-Am I CrazyYet despite these hardships, an even harsher reality is that fibromyalgia cam be very difficult to discuss with doctors or the lay public.  The symptoms are very real; however, they are also difficult to explain to those who have not experienced them.  There is no singular test that confirms the diagnosis.   There are no visible signs or bandages.   No casts signaling, “Hey, something is wrong!”  Instead, there are myriad questions such as “why do hurt so much?”, why won’t you play with me?”, or “why won’t you come with us to the beach?”.  As great as the physical pain is, the duress of not being able to live can easily equal, if not surpass, the impact of physical pain on quality of life.  As a result, patients who suffer from fibromyalgia feel like they need to soldier on in silence. They are keenly aware that the perception of others is often at odds with what they are experiencing. Over time, they may even question their own sanity. They simply ask: Am I Crazy?

High Impact: Infrared Imaging for Temperature Measurement

With coronavirus and COVID-19 dominating all media outlets, it is increasingly difficult to imagine what life was like prior to this burgeoning crisis.  What is not difficult to envision are the most common symptoms, with cough and fever being the most prevalent according to available data.  A cough can be seen and heard but what about increased body temperature? That is a different matter entirely.  In the quest to identify, treat, and eliminate the spread of the virus, fever detection and screening has been all the rage at airports, transportation hubs, and hospitals around the world.  As a result, many facilities have implemented thermal imaging technology assist in this endeavor.   It is fast, painless, and can reduce contact with the individual being tested, making it a very attractive option in these challenging times.