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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Doctor-Patient Relationship

Holistic Health

Taking personal ownership in your health is not as easy as it sounds.   Most people take their health for granted.  Life can be so demanding that finding the time to take care of oneself can seem like a burden so when things are OK, why worry?  But then things are not OK and we are unprepared.  If only we took the time to do simple things like re-framing the the way we deal with tension.   If we really thought about it we would make reducing tension a way of life instead of a way to deal with life.   Systema Health, Challenge and Choice, and Brain Highways are three tools we use at piedmont physical medicine and rehabilitation, pa to help patients improve quality of life.   Learn more about these at piedmontpmr.com.

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Dr. Schwartz Is Guest Professor In Colorado

Last week Dr. Schwartz traveled to Denver, Colorado to be guest professor at CROM (Colorado Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine).   Dr. Schwartz spoke on RSD/CRPS, weather sensitive pain, medical thermography, reducing total load, and stem cell.   The experience was a great one and his presentations were well received. Visit piedmontpmr.com to learn more about these topics.

canvas flipped Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz is the Medical Director of the St. Francis Bon Secours Fibromyalgia Program.

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Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is about people who are focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living.  They are typically open to an integrated or holistic model of health care that encourages a shared decision making model.  For anyone with complex, chronic pain LOHAS makes sense.  Visit piedmontpmr.com if a LOHAS approach makes sense to you. 


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