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317 St. Francis Dr.
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The Ideal Means of Harvesting Volume Enhancing Medicinal Signaling Cells

The ideal means of harvesting stem cells

Medicinal signaling cells are utilized in a variety of medical procedures due to the incredible healing power associated with volume enhancement, cushioning, and tissue engineering. However, harvesting them in a way that is safe and convenient is not always easy. Let’s discuss some of the ways of harvesting medicinal signaling cells and why some methods are proving to be more advantageous than others.

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Fascial And Scar Tissue Lysis For Enhanced Mobility

Beautifill Skin Tightening at Piedmont PMR

Our New BeautiFILL System Offers Enhanced Options For Fascial And Scar Tissue Lysis

Powered by the BeautiFill tumescence module our system allows us to free up adhesions underneath the skin that have built up over time or are the result from prior surgeries.   Image what it feels like to have freedom of movement inside.  Thanks to the pioneering application of this procedure at Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, P, A. Drs. Schwartz and Terzella are able to break through natural adhesions under your skin that have built up over time.

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Fibromyalgia and RSD/CRPS

Dr. Schwartz is the Medical Director of the St. Francis Bon Secours Hospital Fibromyalgia Restorative Care Program.     He is also the Medical Director of the South Carolina Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Fibromyalgia Support Group, which he founded in 1990.

Dr. Schwartz has numerous publications and lectured extensively on both Fibromyalgia and RSD/CRPS.   His practice has special emphasis on patients with complex, chronic pain that have weather sensitive aspect to their symptoms.

He has a unique approach that reduces Total Load, the total number of things that do not allow someone to be well, and addresses autonomic dysfunction (eye, bowel, bladder, heart, skin, and movement disorders) associated with these conditions.

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