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The Ideal Means of Harvesting Stem Cells

The ideal means of harvesting stem cells

Stem cells are utilized in a variety of medical procedures due to their incredible healing power. However, harvesting them in a way that is safe and convenient is not always easy. Let’s discuss some of the ways of harvesting stem cells and why some methods are proving to be more advantageous than others.

Cord Blood or Placental Products

Umbilical cord blood has been purported to be a source of stem cells and the placenta from a newborn baby can be a source of various growth factors. Due to Federal requirements for labeling and autologous use of cord blood however only certain centers involved in research protocols are able to harvest and utilize these products. Further, placental derived products typically do not have viable stem cells in them . As a result, these tissues are neither convenient nor easily accessible for office-based stem cell  procedures..

Bone Marrow

Harvesting stem cells from bone marrow can be a source of stem cells, however it is invasive and is best suited for younger individuals whose bone marrow is still making high quantities of stem cells. Further, the US FDA now discourages grafting of tissue for regenerative procedures if the function of the harvested tissue is different than that of the graft site.  For example, blood cells are not typically found within joints, tendons or muscles making bone marrow aspiration less attractive for orthopedic or musculoskeletal conditions.

Adipose Tissue

Adequate amounts of viable fat tissue containing adult stem cells have been hard to achieve until recently. Traditional methods of fat harvesting like stand-alone liposuction typically damage the cells in the process. This leads to poor outcomes upon transfer and almost eliminates the benefit of the once viable stem cells inside the tissue. Fortunately, a new method has been developed that harvests fat tissue more delicately, with 95% viability. The BeautiFill™ system has revolutionized the process with laser based technology that causes the least amount of tissue disruption. Patients heal faster from the procedure, and achieve longer lasting results. BeautiFill™ is an all-in-one system that collects high vitality fat cells and prepares them for transfer. The quick, outpatient procedure makes this one of the most efficient and minimally invasive ways of harvesting stem cells in fat tissue. For cosmetic and reconstructive surgical applications, we can accomplish excellent volume correction with BeautiFill™ fat transfer. In addition, patients get the powerful therapeutic benefits from the stem cells. The BeautiFill™ system has truly paved a new way for a safe, convenient, and effective solution for many musculoskeletal conditions we treat in our office.