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Medicinal Signaling Cell Cushion Injections for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Stem Cell Injections at Piedmont PMR

In our practice, we have seen how fat derived, cushioning, medicinal signaling cell injections positively impact patients suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Now, advanced technology has made it possible to retrieve adipose (fat) derived medicinal signaling cells in a quick, minimally invasive in-office procedure. In the same session, we inject them into the areas of the body that need support. Our patients have benefited greatly from this procedure making us quite excited about it.

Why Medicinal Signaling Cell Injections?

Medicinal signaling cells are powerful natural healing agents, used by the body to stimulate growth, repair tissue, and cure disease. Signaling cells harvested from your own body and re-injected carry very little risk as compared to the use of donor cells.  As a result, adipose derived medicinal signaling cells is one of the best ways we have found to treat chronic, degenerative, traumatic, or congenital musculoskeletal conditions. Because fat derived medicinal signaling cells naturally occur in the body, and fat typically functions as as support, cushioning, and volume enhancement tissue, we don’t see the same negative side effects associated with medication. Overall, this procedure is a more natural alternative to corticosteroids and opioid pain relievers.

BeautiFILL™ For Adipose-Derived Medicinal Signaling Cells, Support, Volume Enhancement & Cushioning

One common misconception about medicinal signaling cells is that they are only found in embryos and umbilical cord blood.  This is not true. Adults also produce stem cells in bone marrow and adipose tissue (fat tissue).  According to the FDA however, mesenchymal cells however are more appropriately referred to medicinal signaling cells.  They can be harvested and transferred to different areas of the body for support, volume enhancement, and cushioning through fat transfer/fat grafting.

The BeautiFill™ system of laser assisted liposuction revolutionized this procedure. This closed loop method combines laser, aspiration, and processing into one simple, outpatient session. Previous approaches to fat harvesting utilized aggressive techniques. Traditional, stand-alone liposuction leaves only 50-85% of cells with enough viability to transfer successfully. In contrast, with the BeautiFill™ we are able to achieve 95% viability – which means nearly all of the healthy fat tissue can provide volume and medicinal signaling cells for transfer. Adipose-derived medicinal signaling cells are easier and safer to harvest than those found in bone marrow, making them an excellent choice for tissue engineering.

What Musculoskeletal Conditions Benefit From Medicinal Signaling cell Therapy?

At Piedmont PMR, we  see patients struggling with arthritis, soft tissue injuries, post-surgical pain, and other types of chronic neuromusculoskeletal pain. While medicinal signaling cell therapy isn’t a “cure-all,” for many, tissue engineering has been shown to provide relief in these areas. Patients typically report improvement in pain and mobility around 3 weeks after treatment (however the full befit may not be realized for up to 6 months). And, this is without artificial products, fillers, or medication. Often, adipose derived medicinal signaling cell therapy succeeds in producing positive outcomes when other types of treatment have not.