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Fat Graft Containing Medicinal Signaling Cells Harvested With BeautiFILL

Many people don’t realize that adipose (fat) tissue contains valuable endocrine functions including medicinal signaling that can be used for tissue engineering, support, volume enhancement, and cushioning. Medicinal signaling cells  direct your body’s “blank slate” cells, able to specialize to perform different functions throughout the body.  Plus, adipose is typically used to provide tissue support, volume, and cushioning. During a fat graft, we are able to harvest the healthy fat tissue containing signaling cells and transplant it where needed. Fat grafting is quick, safe, and effective.

Fat Grafting For Support, Volume Enhancement, Cushioning, & Medicinal Signaling

Fat grafting with adipose derived medicinal signaling cells is one of the most accessible, minimally invasive ways for your body to take advantage of tissue engineering for pain relief and functional restoration. By using your body’s own tissue, we eliminate the risk of contamination or rejection from donor sources (allograft). In addition, fat harvested from your own body and transferred somewhere else on the body will not be rejected as something foreign. This enhances the overall safety of the procedure. We utilize new technology that harvests fat tissue more gently than previous methods. As a result, we can preserve nearly all of the cells with over 95% viability. Then, we transfer them to areas of the body needing healing or extra volume.

During a fat graft, we use the BeautiFILL by Alma to harvest fat tissue. This advanced system features laser assisted liposuction, a revolutionary technique. The laser heats the fat cells, loosening them before they are suctioned through the cannula. This all-in-one system allows us to harvest, process, and transplant the purified adipose tissue easily with no risk of cross-contamination. Fat grafts not only contain medicinal signaling cells to stimulate your body to repair the site, they can also add volume as a bioavailable filler. For soft tissue injuries or trauma, fat grafts offer this double benefit that other methods, like bone marrow aspiration, do not. Fat grafting with signaling cells is a versatile procedure that can serve many purposes.

At Piedmont, we use fat grafts containing medicinal signaling cells to improve degenerative joint conditions and speed healing of injuries. While this treatment is low risk and inexpensive, it is highly effective in both aesthetic, regenerative tissue engineering, and reconstructive applications.