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Fascial And Scar Tissue Lysis For Enhanced Mobility

Beautifill Skin Tightening at Piedmont PMR

Our New BeautiFILL System Offers Enhanced Options For Fascial And Scar Tissue Lysis

Powered by the BeautiFill tumescence module our system allows us to free up adhesions underneath the skin that have built up over time or are the result from prior surgeries.   Image what it feels like to have freedom of movement inside.  Thanks to the pioneering application of this procedure at Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, P, A. Drs. Schwartz and Terzella are able to break through natural adhesions under your skin that have built up over time.

While every case is unique, excellent results have also been obtained with post-surgical scars from abdominal laparoscopy, C-Section, hysterectomy, cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal, and post-surgical backs.  Subcutaneous adhesions and scars of abdomen and low back can restrict movement in your hips, low back, and torso. The constant stiffness that results can be disabling. The great news is that there is now a safe alternative that can break up adhesions and scar tissue underneath the surface of the skin while reducing pain and increasing mobility.

What’s more, powered by the 1470nm diode device in the Beautifill liposcuction modules, our dual mode cannula allows for simultaneous lasing and suction. With its built-in temperature gauge, our BeautiLift system removes unwanted fat deposits while controlled heat contracts collagen fibers within the skin. The laser’s thermal effect stimulates the formation of new collagen, improves dermal thickness and alignment, and ultimately lifts and tightens the skin and supporting tissue matrix. This leaves patients with tighter, firmer, and more youthful looking skin.

Why Choose Piedmont PMR for Fascial And Scar Tissue Lysis, Skin Tightening, Pain Reduction, and Enhanced Mobility?

Quite frankly, we have been pioneers in pain diagnosis and treatment for decades, and our role in implementing this pain-relieving regenerative approach is no different. These things don’t just happen. They require an investment in ourselves, our patient, and in new technology.

At Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, we have elected to offer Alma’s liposuction system called BeautiFill which not only lets us release fascial and scar tissue adhesions for pain reduction and enhanced mobility, it also lets us contract existing collagen and elastin fibers and stimulate the formation of new collagen for firmer, tighter-looking skin, at the same time that we are harvesting your fat during liposuction.

Before and After Treatments

Before and After Fat Transfer with BeautiFill

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