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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Self Enrichment

Walk Like Someone Is Pushing You

When walking most of us just walk.  We don’t think that much about it, pay attention to our posture, and frequently take our surroundings for granted.   For many walking is mostly free time.   And free time often equates to relaxation.  So most of the time most of us walk more or less relaxed.   While relaxation is a good thing just like anything else if it occurs in excess bad things can come with it.  If our walking is too relaxed, for too long, bad habits can develop.  Slouching while walking can cause tightness in the front of the hips and a collapse of the chest and shoulders.    Not only does flexibility decline, weakness also develops, especially in the back and hips. If this posture persists long enough neck, back, hip and shoulder pain can also occur.   Believe it not the way we hold ourselves when we walk projects to others how and what we feel about ourselves; it also suggests to the outside word how they should feel and react to us. If you were to walk as if someone was pushing you from behind  the natural instinct would b to straighten up.  You would hold your head up, tighten your glutes (your butt muscles), and stand straight.  If you continued to walk as if someone was pushing you from behind you  then awareness of your surroundings and your self esteem would increase too.   Muscle strength, tone, and endurance would all get better.  Over time so would flexibility.   Walk like someone is pushing you.  Its good for your health!

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Move Your Hips

Move your hips!  How often do you consider if you move your hips enough?  Even if you enjoy exercising you many not have considered exercising your joints in order to increase range or motion, flexibility, muscular strength, and tendon or ligamentous resilience. While there are many specific exercises for the hips most often when we exercise we “jut do it” rather than think about what portion of our body is responsible for accomplishing it.   Your hips are naturally quite important in holding your “square” or “Torso” on its frame.   If you fail to move your hips you will likely find that you can’t get very far or that your balance is so poor that you have become predisposed to falling down.  You might also experience tightness in the front, back, or sides or your leg.  When hip tightness occurs some people develop abdominal, pelvic, groin, or knee pain.  One thing is certain however.  If you spend a little bit of time each day exercising your hips your posture, motion, mobility, out look will all improve.  That can lead to less tension and a more relaxed approach to lifef.  Learn more about the musculoskeletal system and numerous treatment options for it on piedmontpmr.com.

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Balance In Heath and Health Care

Balance.   Striving for it or achieving it in health and health care are important goals.   Your health, and health care, are not the same thing.   Your health is just that; yours.   In the end only you are responsible for your life and how you adapt to what it brings you.  Naturally there are times when seeking health care is something you should do.  But seeking health care does not mean that you give up personal responsibility for your health, it only means that you have decided to recruit help in your quest to achieve health.   Learning how to balance your health, how you relate to your own health, and how you either access or make use of health care is the trick.   Visit the Education tab of piedmontpmr.com to discover patient enrichment tools and techniques that we offer to help you achieve balance in health and health care.

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