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Foot And Ankle Pain

There are many causes of foot and ankle pain but some of the most common include osteoarthritis, stretched or strained ligaments, and peripheral neuropathy.   Osteoarthritis of the of the foot and ankle is not unlike a rust filled door hinge.  The rough edges that comes with the arthritis causes changes in how the joint moves and can grind on surrounding tissues which causes pain.   Stretched or strained ligaments can be compared to weakening of the pin in the door hinge.   Since ligaments are like thick pieces of packaging tape that hold bone to bone if they become weak the joint can grind and move upon its self;  just like a door hinge that slides upon itself if the pin is weak.  Quit often even in the presence of osteoarthritis if the ligaments are strengthened the entire joint can have much less pain and function improves.   Peripheral neuropathy however is an entirely different animal.  In this case the nerve endings in the feet do not work like they should.   Since neuropathy usually starts with sensory nerves some of the first things people notice are numbness or tingling sensations, pain, tightness, hot or cold sensations, or difficulty with balance.  There is no doubt that neuropathy can lead to worsening of arthritis and weakening of ligaments as well.  In some cases treating foot and ankle osteoarthritis or ligaments can relieve neuropathy pain however if you want to reverse the signs and symptoms of neuropathy a separate treatment protocol is needed. Learn more about options to treat foot and ankle pain from osteoarthritis, stretched or strained ligaments, and peripheral neuropathy at piedmontpmr.com.

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