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Maintaining balance in life.  Everyone wants that.  But how?   All too often when the responsibilities of life becomes so demanding we can’t find the time to get everything done.  So we cut corners, and frequently in the wrong places.  Most of us would like to exercise more but exercise is frequently one of the first things skipped.  That is a mistake.  Even if it is only for an hour, 3-4 times per week, exercise improves mental outlook, strength, endurance, and overall health.  Exercise should be the last thing that is cut.  In fact it should never be cut.  If you think of exercise like a religion, something that is part of you, then it will always be one of your first priorities.   You would not stop brushing your teeth because the day was too short, or stop personal hygiene because you had to work; exercise should be no different.  It is the blood pressure pill of hypertension, insulin of diabetes, and sustenance food of our musculoskeletal system.   Those who have chronic pain know what it is like when the musculoskeletal system goes awry but even then exercise has to remain a priority.  Each of us has to find a way to adapt in order to maintain a system of personal protection.  Make exercise something that never gets cut and your body will thank you for it.

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Electronic Health

While hardly anyone understood what impact the transition of electronic medical records would have on them in past now almost everyone realizes that it is a reality and like most things both good and bad go together.   I have heard many people tell me they like that they can now get their lab and test results on line.  It is quick and convenient.  They like that their record is more portable among doctor’s offices, but they don’t quite understand when records from competing hospital networks can’t talk to each other (that problem is supposed to change in the next couple of years based on legislative mandate but implementation of if it is still an enigma).  There are several things people don’t like as well.  Doctors now routinely complain that they spend more time (upwards of 50% of their total work day) treating electronic charts rather then patients.  People in doctors offices just see longer wait times (often much longer).  No one likes that.  Some people even understand that since so much more time is required for electronic chart compliance that less appointments are available.  That means access is getting harder.  It is just not possible to see as many patients as were seen in the past and comply with all the government regulations.   It isn’t even possible to comply with all of the regulations if no patients are seen.  Almost everyone today knows of a doctor who retired or quit medicine early in order not to have to deal with it. Doctors who are still plugging away it are worried.  There is a new mountain of  coding, filing rules, and regulations that starts October 1st and no one knows what to do (and if they did it is so mammoth that they fear they can’d do it anyway). The list goes on.  As we start our process of converting to a new electronic health record this month (we have been preparing for it for well over a year) we hope that our patients understand that we are still trying to do our best to make them a priority but in the end there is nothing we can do about it.   Things will take longer.  Please bear with us.

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PR Web Has Published A News Release On Stem Cell

Dr. Schwartz and Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA (PPMR)  have been featured in a PR Web news release on stem cell for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.   Dr. Schwartz and PPMR have a long history of experience in regenerative medicine.   He was an early adapter for the use of Prolotherapy (injections that make use of natural compounds to grow ligament) in the 1980’s and then Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) where growth factors from your own blood are extracted, separated, and then grafted onto damaged tissue to create a more vigorous wound healing response in the early 2000’s.  Both autologus (meaning derived from self) and placental derived stem cell treatments have been available at PPMR since 2010.  In addition in 2015 PPMR introduced the Realief  system of care for the reversal of the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.  Dr. Schwartz is recognized as a leader in the field of regenerative medicine. Learn more about these options at piedmonpmr.com.

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