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High Impact – Out In the Cold

High Impact: Out In the Cold, We have all heard the expression, “Cold hands, warm heart.” But the question is, “Should they be?”  Perpetually cold hands and feet are common.  Many people describe associated numbness, tingling, and even pain. Fortunately, there are high impact treatments that help.   It does require something more than putting on a pair of gloves or a pair of your favorite fuzzy socks however.

Nervous system disorders such as dysautonomia or circulatory problems that create poor perfusion of the extremities lend themselves to temperature differences in the hands and feet.  But such symptoms can occur in the neck, back, ligaments and joints too.

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HIGH IMPACT- Athletics

High Impact- All athletes across the athletic spectrum share a common bond; they have all had to deal with the most unfortunate of experiences – the dreaded sports injury.  While the sweat, dedication, and commitment required to excel in the sports arena are undeniable, equally undeniable is the high impact that repetitive stress and microtrauma our tissues endure in the process.  Not all sports injuries are gruesome fractures, unsightly tears, or dislocations that defy the laws of physics.  We all know these – the instances that are played over and over in super slow motion to capture every gory detail.

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Finding Relief from Fibromyalgia

Finding Relief from Fibromyalgia.  

Finding Relief from FibromyalgiaDo you feel like you’ve been run over by a bus? This is how people with fibromyalgia often describe their symptoms in an effort to illustrate how painful and debilitating it can be. Fibromyalgia is one of the invisible diseases, a condition that has no outward signs and no definitive method of diagnosis. Much like depression (with which it’s often associated), you can’t tell someone has fibromyalgia just by looking at them; and getting the right diagnosis can be a lengthy process. These factors exacerbate the effects of fibromyalgia and often make people feel even worse, which is why an expert assessment is so important if you’re experiencing symptoms.

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