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High Impact – Out In the Cold

High Impact: Out In the Cold, We have all heard the expression, “Cold hands, warm heart.” But the question is, “Should they be?”  Perpetually cold hands and feet are common.  Many people describe associated numbness, tingling, and even pain. Fortunately, there are high impact treatments that help.   It does require something more than putting on a pair of gloves or a pair of your favorite fuzzy socks however.

Nervous system disorders such as dysautonomia or circulatory problems that create poor perfusion of the extremities lend themselves to temperature differences in the hands and feet.  But such symptoms can occur in the neck, back, ligaments and joints too.

High Impact- Out In The Cold

A special portion of the nervous system (the autonomic nervous system) is important in managing how our blood vessels respond to the environment.  For instance, in cold weather the autonomic nervous system can tighten, or narrow, the small blood vessels to the skin in an effort to conserve warmth in essential internal organs.  This is a normal response.   What is not normal is if the response is excessive, lasts too long, or occurs without good reason.  The nervous system is firing too quickly, too much, or lacks proper control.  This is one form of what is known as dysautonomia.

In addition, our circulatory system has a mind of its own.  Arteries and veins act in concert with each other to create a balanced system of oxygen exchange.  Problems, however, can occur with either of them.   If there is a narrowing or blockage of the arteries, a reduction in transport of blood to tissues can occur.  In the veins, whose primary job is to carry blood back to the heart, abnormalities can create congestion, back flow, and reduce proper oxygen exchange.

Fortunately, there are diagnostic and treatment tools that can have a high impact in addressing both dysautonomia and intrinsic vascular disorders.   Visit www.piedmontpmr.com.  Let us help you formulate a high impact program of care that will help bring you out of the cold.