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HIGH IMPACT- Athletics

High Impact- All athletes across the athletic spectrum share a common bond; they have all had to deal with the most unfortunate of experiences – the dreaded sports injury.  While the sweat, dedication, and commitment required to excel in the sports arena are undeniable, equally undeniable is the high impact that repetitive stress and microtrauma our tissues endure in the process.  Not all sports injuries are gruesome fractures, unsightly tears, or dislocations that defy the laws of physics.  We all know these – the instances that are played over and over in super slow motion to capture every gory detail.

High Impact-Athletics

Thankfully, these are more the exception than the rule.  In fact, the majority of sports injuries are comprised of ligament sprains, tendon strains and muscle strains.  While these may seem less severe from a structural standpoint, they can be exceedingly painful and can negatively impact the athlete’s ability to perform.   Moreover, beyond the symptoms, they can be difficult to detect on imaging.

Standard imaging techniques such as x-rays, CT, and MRI scans are not really designed to look at these kinds of injuries.  As a result, they may not tell the whole story or any story at all.  Diagnostic ultrasound however is an imaging modality particularly useful in capturing more subtle abnormalities in muscle, tendon, and ligaments that frequently cause pain.  Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound helps to localize and identify the area of concern.

This creates an opportunity to treat the weakened area(s) in a highly targeted and highly effective approach, all with an eye toward having a positive, high impact on function and performance.  Furthermore, there are multiple minimally invasive techniques and strategies to advance healing and recovery from these nagging injuries.  Every athlete is different and, as such, any treatment plan should be specifically designed and implemented to suit the athlete’s individual goals.  To make sure you get high impact from treatment it is best to consult a qualified health care professional versed in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. Read More.