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High Impact: Infrared Imaging for Temperature Measurement

With coronavirus and COVID-19 dominating all media outlets, it is increasingly difficult to imagine what life was like prior to this burgeoning crisis.  What is not difficult to envision are the most common symptoms, with cough and fever being the most prevalent according to available data.  A cough can be seen and heard but what about increased body temperature? That is a different matter entirely.  In the quest to identify, treat, and eliminate the spread of the virus, fever detection and screening has been all the rage at airports, transportation hubs, and hospitals around the world.  As a result, many facilities have implemented thermal imaging technology assist in this endeavor.   It is fast, painless, and can reduce contact with the individual being tested, making it a very attractive option in these challenging times.

Infrared Temperature MeasurementBut what if I told you that there were far greater applications for infrared imagining than simply evaluating body temperature? Head and neck pain, headache syndromes, complex chronic pain syndromes such as chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and Thoracic outlet Syndrome (TOS), and even breast risk health assessment protocols are all part of the scope of medical infrared imaging.  When utilized appropriately in the medical setting, infrared imaging (thermology) can provide high impact in the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of conditions.   Curious?  To learn more about medical scientific thermology, use this link or give us a call.