317 St. Francis Dr. Suite 350
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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Stem Cell For Musculoskeletal Pain

It is quite often that someone comes into our office looking for stem cell treatment for musculoskeletal pain.  Most frequently the request is to avoid a hip or knee replacement, or arthroscopy.  There are several other common indications for other regenerative therapies as well.  They include rotator cuff injuries, certain unresolved, chronic spinal conditions, reversing the signs and symptoms of RSD/CRPS, and skin ulcers associated with peripheral arterial disease.  Occasionally we get asked to perform cell harvesting and grafting  for other less well proven conditions such as COPD, nervous system disorders, or congestive heart failure.   We continue  keep our eye on them hoping that the science and literature may eventually improve.   On the other hand we are quite comfortable offering regenerative therapies for musculoskeletal conditions.   After an initial history and physical exam if we find out that someone is requesting stem cell, but think we can provide them relief with less expensive options, we tell them.   There are several more traditional treatments that depending upon your condition, may work just as well.  As a leader in regenerative medicine therapies in the Upstate of South Carolina we take our position in that regard seriously.  We want patients to get the best outcomes possible, for the best price, and at the level of care they need.   Learn more about all of the regenerative medicine options we offer by using the Regenerative Medicine link on piedmontpmr.com.

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