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Regenerative Medicine Evaluation Methods

Maintaining a healthy and nutritionally balanced lifestyle is an important part of regenerative medicine. Due to its reliance on the body’s natural healing functions, making healthy dietary and behavioral choices are essential. This is part of the idea of reducing total load, which means eliminating or reducing things that negatively impact your life. By reducing total load, the natural healing process of the body can be amplified greatly without even undergoing formal medical treatment.

If treatment is required, a full exam by a medical professional is highly recommended to assess the root cause of the problem before proceeding. Often, problems arise during treatment when an underlying issue is unknown, so it is crucial to look at the entire body and determine the best method to treat holistically. Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation uses cutting edge imaging and detection methods to evaluate their patients, including musculoskeletal ultrasound, electrodiagnostics, segmental plethysmography, and arterial duplex studies.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound gives the physicians at Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation the ability to look inside the body as it moves, instead of a static X-ray or CT scan image. This form of evaluation is excellent for assessing soft tissue such as ligament, tendon, and muscle and as a result it is a perfect complement to other imaging studies. Through comprehensive evaluation a greater understanding of which treatment option might work best for you is obtained.  In addition, Electrodiangostics can be employed to look for associated nerve injury, plethysmography can assess for hardening of the arteries, and arterial duplex studies can evaluate for narrowing, backflow or clots of arteries and veins. Naturally good blood flow is a plus with any regenerative approach.

At Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Terzella strive for diagnostic accuracy and successful treatment using regenerative methods. To learn more about regenerative medicine and what our practice has to offer, please visit http://regenmedgreenvillesc.com/.  If you are experiencing shortness of breath, edema in the extremities, or muscle pain, we are committed to getting to the root source of your health issues by using the detection methods discussed above and more. To schedule your appointment, please call 864-920-1026.