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Sports Medicine

Sporting events and athletic activity are among the most common reasons that people need to see a doctor. Whether it’s an adult staying active or a child playing sports, injuries often occur when people engage in competitive activities. While many advances have been made in the treatment of sports injuries, still the best way to deal with them is using preventive measures. Stretching, conditioning, warming up, cooling down, and wearing all necessary protective padding are essential to preventing sports injuries from occurring. Additionally, using proper technique, getting adequate rest between active periods, and playing on a well-maintained field can all assist in injury prevention.

If an injury is suspected, consulting a medical professional immediately can expedite the healing process and prevent the injury from worsening. As with any injury, a timely and accurate diagnosis is of the utmost importance. Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation uses the most cutting edge diagnostic imaging equipment available.

Often, sports injuries occur in the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, and muscles), and usually stem from either strain (overstretching/hyperextension) of muscles or sprain (excessive torque and possible tear) of ligaments surrounding joints. Overuse can also be a major factor in damage of soft tissue. Fortunately, both injured tendons and ligaments are quite responsive to proliferative injections (often referred to as prolotherapy) that activate the body’s natural regenerative process. In more severe cases, either Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) injections or ultrasound guided percutaneous tenotomy can be used to repair muscle, ligament, and tendon. PRP injections make use of your body’s natural growth factors to initiate wound healing.   After a simple blood draw from your arm we separate out and then concentrate the PRP so that it can be inserted back into the injury site.  Ultrasound guided percutaneous tenotomy is a simple procedure that can be performed in an office setting without any need for anesthesia or required time off work to repair tendons. It can work great alone or in conjunction with PRP grafting for anything for tennis elbow to rotator cuff injuries.

Another important part of sports medicine is the treatment of arthritis. As previously mentioned, joints are highly susceptible to injury during competitive activity, which means arthritic pain can have a serious impact on the ability of people to be active. While many people find relief in treatments including exercise, anti-inflammatory medicine, physical therapy, and muscle relaxants in those cases that need more help a holistic, approach that includes treating muscle, tendon, and ligament of the surrounding joints and structures can be very effective in providing pain relief.

While treatment of sports injuries is usually successful, the best approach is to avoid them to begin with.   Take time to take care of your body by remembering to stretch, warm up, cool down, If you are experiencing muscular or joint pain during or after physical activity, please contact Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at 864-235-1834 to schedule an appointment. We are dedicated to getting you back in the game.