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While your mission in life may correspond with the elements of character defined by your personality type, emotional referral zones, archetypes, and theme path (see Challenge and Choice parts 1 and 2), it is uniquely personal, and addresses a weakness within your internal will. It relates to something you would rather not do, and requires a level of sacrifice that you would rather not experience.

Will power represents an internal struggle directed toward achieving a change in external reality, internal will directs this struggle toward the inner self. For example, to go on a diet, quit smoking or exercise, will power is needed. On the other hand, to rid your self of betrayal, guilt or insecurity, internal will is required.

The elements of your character that you have become familiar with should provide you some insight to help define your mission, but these elements in and of themselves are not your mission. Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born To Live (12) links nine pairs of words that may help you define your mission. While on first inspection these pairs seem to correlate with the nine personality types, there is no evidence that this is intentional.

  1. Creativity and Confidence
  2. Cooperation and Balance
  3. Expression and Sensitivity
  4. Freedom and Discipline
  5. Vision and Acceptance
  6. Trust and Obedience
  7. Abundance and Power
  8. Integrity and Wisdom

The first word symbolizes potential you seek to enhance. The second word represents an issue that stops you from achieving it.

A personal mission statement can never be as generic as the pairs listed above are, rather it has to incorporate one of these pairs in a much more intimate fashion. For example, a perfectionist who struggles with the magnitude of confidence required to express true creativity may have to learn balance, or develop the necessary internal will required to rein in their maverick archetype, before confidence, creativity and their perfectionist personality can come into alignment.

Ultimately, self-discovery of a mission can be quite humbling. It should be obvious that you have been challenged by it from the first moment you incarnated, and that the only way to meet the terms of this contract is to reconcile with it. Equally important, each time you exercise responsible choice in keeping with your mission, the terms of your contract should feel less confining. You may also experience an influx of energy, enhanced fulfillment or success in endeavors that have evaded you in the past.

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