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Theme Paths

Think of your life as a novel and ask yourself, “What is the predominant story in my life?” You will most likely end up with one of the seven theme paths listed below.

When examining theme paths, it is not enough to simply look at their names. Different levels of expression exist for each path, including the complete opposite of what may originally come to mind.

Remember to examine the theme paths with a neutral perspective as there is no relevance to the side or magnitude of polarity inherent in the path you decide upon. At this point it is only important to identify which theme is yours.

1. Peacemaker

The peacemaker carries the gift of peace, working to refine it in them and in others. The peacemaker makes or seeks to have peace. In its most physical form, one who walks this path often understands problems from the different side, and helps others agree upon a common solution.

Shadow (opposite) Side: peace breaker, warmonger

2. Service

This theme path is most recognized in one who is dedicated to the needs of others or themselves. You will find a person living the path of service doing everything for everyone. A mother who takes care of her children, her neighbor’s children, and everyone else along the way may be on this path.

Shadow (opposite) Side: a dutiful person who serves only self,or does nothing for anyone.

3. Love and Harmony

One who lives a life of unconditional love or seeks harmony at any expense. While Jesus and Mother Theresa walked this path, an observer, artful negotiator or flower child of the 60’s may fall within this path as well.

Shadow (opposite) Side: instigator, chauvinist, female fatale (seductress)

4. Artist/Creator

The artist/creator lives a path of illusion, beauty, glamour, and creativity. They are full of imagination. While the nice lady down the block who finds beauty in every situation is probably on this path, the bricklayer, house painter, or repairman may also be on this path.

Shadow (opposite) Side: the evil wizard, defacer, arsonist, corporate take down expert

5. Healer

The healer restores wounds mentally or physically without an ego. There is little or no “self” involved in the process, rather someone else’s wound is opened, cleansed, repaired, or closed due to the healer’s presence. Despite their innate ability, healers cannot predict what outcome will occur as a result of their work.

Shadow (opposite) Side: witch doctor, black magic, healthcare profiteer, the charlatan

6. Compassion

Living a life of compassion demands a lack of judgment, exceptional empathy, and the need to understand “why.” One who lives this path is sympathetic to the suffering, distressed, or unhappy. The mother of a murdered child who dedicates her life to rehabilitating criminals exemplifies someone living the path of compassion.

Shadow (opposite) Side: detached, uncaring

7. Rational Mind

The rational mind is stereotyped as a left-brained individual who approaches the world as an orderly place wherein most decisions in life are black and white. A reoccurring pattern of engagements with those who see things from a logical perspective may typify someone living the rational mind.

Shadow (opposite) Side: irrational, unreasonable, emotionally driven

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