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The Houses

A traditional rule concerning the houses is that the first six have a personal application, whereas the others relate to more external matters and other people. For viewing purposes, the houses are commonly numbered and drawn inside of a circle that is bisected into twelve quadrants (figure one).

One easy, although not so scientific, way of deciding which archetypes belong within which house is to make up twenty four different 3×5 cards as follows: label the first twelve 1-12 and the second twelve with the names of the archetypes you have chosen.

Next put the first twelve, in random order, upside down in front of you. Now, place the second group of twelve on top of the first. Since these too are upside down, you must sense where each of the cards in the second group belongs. Upon completion, write down the name of the archetype inside the house of the corresponding section in the wheel.

While possible, it is not likely, that your archetypes will correctly match up with your houses the first time you try this. Over time you may discover one, more than one, or a complete absence of archetypal energy within any individual house. It is also probable that at different time periods an archetypal energy that was once latent, or silent, will express itself.

Some people long to know when it is more likely that a particular energy or house will become dominant in their lives. While there is no definite answer to this question, a skilled astrologist who is trained to interpret personalized star charts can provide a surprisingly insight. If you happen to meet such a person, assess their legitimacy by the accuracy of timing of past events and by their description of which archetypal energies belong to which houses.

It is best to share with them only your exact time and place of birth to be sure that there is no bias. Do not expect to glean this type of insight by reading your local newspaper horoscope or by simply picking up a book somewhere. You should feel comfortable enough with yourself to reexamine the archetypes you previously identified and refine them as necessary. While it may take time, with self-inspection and awareness of your own behavior in different settings, identifying the contents of each house will eventually become evident.

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