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Top Alternatives to Joint Replacement Surgery using Regenerative Medicine

Regnerative Medicine Therapies to Help Join Pain

Regenerative medicine offers a holistic approach to musculoskeletal and related vascular issues. This brings hope to people suffering from joint pain. Invasive measures like surgery and full joint replacement should be seen as last resorts. A great many problems can be effectively addressed using regenerative medicine, and degenerative joint disease is one of the most proven, accepted, and successful in reducing pain and improving function. .

Procedures like Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and Structural Support Cell Therapy are three effective regenerative medicine therapies. However, regenerative medicine also involves addressing the body’s other needs such nutritional support, posture, and muscle imbalance. Without a solid foundation of health and nutrition, these treatments are not optimally effective.

Addressing the root cause of the issue is essential to bringing lasting relief. If underlying conditions are not addressed, the issue will not heal fully and could reoccur. For example, an osteoarthritic knee or torn rotator cuff may have been put at risk due to an underlying back or neck condition. Treating the spinal component first can speed healing in the joint or limb and that improves results.  Functional restoration by stretching what’s tight, reeducating what is inhibited, and strengthening what is weak can also take load off affected areas and improve the chances of recovery.


The name Prolotherapy is derived from “to proliferate” or regrow.  In this instance natural compounds are injected into injured tissue (such as ligament, tendon, and muscle) with the intent of pulling your body’s natural wound healing cells and cascade to the injury site.  Prolotherapy works on ligament, tendon, and muscle much like a scab heals skin.  It a gentle process that is generally repeated a total of three times, once every two to three weeks, and results in forty percent thickening of the affected tissue.

Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy (PRP)

Platelets are tiny cell fragments that slow and stop bleeding. They also stimulate tissue repair. Just one milliliter of blood contains hundreds of thousands of platelets.

Injecting concentrated amounts of platelets that have been extracted from your own blood has been shown to be a quite viable method of treating tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints that are degenerative or injured. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment have are highly successful in many cases. Like Prolotherapy it works by stimulating the natural regenerative processes within the body to promote healing but instead of pulling the growth factors to the injury site your doctor concentrates them and then puts them right in the injury site. PRP is generally considered to be a much more robust healing jump start then Prolotherapy is.

Structural Support Cell Therapy

Structural support cells  can be found in your own fat.  By harvesting this from your own body, they can be introduced into structures needing healing and support.  Many people report relief after receiving structural support cell application injections to injured or inflamed joints. It has also been found to reduce the progression of arthritis.

Structural support cells treatments also have a  high concentration of “multi-potent” cells that have not yet matured into their final form in order to produce new growth. Unlike PRP that consists of platelets and concentrated growth factors these cells that have the ability to further enhance new tissue growth.   While combining them is not always needed doing so in the same treatment provides both a template and stimulus for tissue regeneration. The result is a potent healing compound made especially for your body.

Regenerative medicine such as Structural Support Cell Therapy, PRP, and Prolotherapy offer the promise of regenerating ligaments and other joint components. They facilitate tendon and muscle healing using the body’s own natural healing processes. This makes these treatments highly appealing for those looking to avoid surgery and joint replacement.

Our holistic approach finds and addresses the root cause of injury and disease and seeks to provide the required environment for deep, complete healing. The goal is always listening to the body and working with it to reduce pain and to improve quality of life.

For more information about alternatives about the treatment of joint disease and replacement surgery please visit  http://regenmedgreenvillesc.com.  If you want help for what hurts call us today at 864-235-1834.