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The Triple C Syndrome

Triple C syndrome

The Triple C Syndrome occurs when the C fiber, by reflex becomes super sensitive to an underlying injury of the “A delta” nerve fiber. The “A delta” nerve is sensitive to vibration, and therefore people with this problem complain that driving or operating any machinery that vibrates makes them worse.

Since the C fiber is trying to limit the effect of this injury, it intensely fires, causing vasoconstriction. People with this problem say that (1) cold is painful, (2) cold burns and (3) they have cold skin.

Thermographic examination shows localized or regional vasoconstriction. Sympathetic blockade is fruitless as once the block wears off, the C fiber remains hyperactive in response to the underlying A delta injury.

Treatment should instead be directed toward restoration of the A delta nerve through an “A delta” nerve block. The block is available with electroceutical application (electrical treatments to restore normal nerve firing) or various vasodilatation and nerve membrane stabilizing medications (examples include Mexitil, Catapress, Tegretol, Dilantin).

Sensory Transduction by Fiber Type

  1. Cold hypoesthesia – patients don’t feel the cold. They cannot distinguish cold from pain.
  2. Cold hyperalgesia – cold hurts.
  3. Cold skin
  4. Pain burns