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Local Transplantation of Adipose Cells For Osteoarthritis Treatment

About 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis. In fact, it is the most common joint disorder in the United States. While there are varying degrees of severity, this condition is a leading cause of work disability, activity limitation, and increased fall risk. Unfortunately, there is no cure. Traditional treatment largely consists of medication and surgical options. However, we have seen excellent results from adipose derived supportive medicinal signaling cell transplant in osteoarthritis treatment.

Why Adipose Medicinal Signaling Cells?

Adipose tissue (or fat tissue) contains cells that have endocrine and supportive functions that can be harvested quickly and easily, with minimal risk and downtime. Because we remove the fat tissue from your own body, we eliminate the risks of injecting foreign matter. Cells donated from others (allografts) inherently carry the risk of rejection and complication since they are not from your own body. Harvesting adipose tissue is simply the easiest, safest, most cost convenient way of acquiring volume enhancing, medicinal signaling cells for injection.

New Ways Of Harvesting Fat Tissue

Through new technology, we are able to harvest adipose tissue while maintaining 95% viability. The state of the art laser assisted liposuction system, BeautiFILL by Alma, is both fast and gentle. A 1470nm wavelength laser fiber embedded in the cannula loosens the fat tissue before suctioning. This reduces damage to cells and speeds up the process. Once harvested, the BeautiFILL separates the healthy signaling cells and fat tissue from any blood or fibrous tissue. Then, it can be immediately transplanted to another place in the same session.

Revolutionary Osteoarthritis Treatment

While many people who suffer from osteoarthritis are 65 and older, younger people deal with mild to moderate symptoms as well. Surgical options are often reserved for older patients, which leaves doctors the challenging task of managing this disease non-surgically for younger patients. Stem cell injections have become a popular and effective osteoarthritis treatment, since it relies on the patient’s own body. This type of treatment may lessen the need for medication, and ultimately surgery down the line.  Today, it is more clear that these cells are not really stem cells, but rather medicinal signaling cells that also have supportive and cushioning attributes.

Mesenchymal health enhancing medicinal signaling cells like those found in adipose tissue are being used because of their ability to stimulate tissue engineering, reduce pain, and improve function. In the body, chondrocytes are responsible for maintaining the structure and function of articular cartilage, which covers your joints and distributes load evenly.  The failure of chondrocytes to function properly can cause conditions like osteoarthritis. By grafting volume enhancing adipose derived medicinal signaling cells at the site of the joint, we aim to halt further degeneration of cartilage, stimulate healthy tissue growth, and improve mobility. Patients report decreased pain and better function, even years after the procedure. Adipose cell therapy is a viable option for people suffering from mild to moderate symptoms and who are not candidates for surgery.