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Internal Will

Ultimately, it is not about sharing or receiving, but rather about developing internal will. It is easier to address the importance of internal will in its relationship to sharing and receiving by looking at either end of the sharing and receiving equation first. If someone continuously receives without sharing, most, if not all of us eventually begin to feel shameful, or guilty. These feelings reflect too much of a good thing, and we begin to rot inside. Likewise, if we share unconditionally without receiving, we eventually loose all of our sustenance and die. Hence, the only way to balance sharing and receiving is through the development of internal will.

Once man began to receive from the Divine, he naturally wanted to share the gift he had been given. Upon so doing, man then went back to the Divine and asked to receive more, so that he may share more. What resulted was a contract, wherein man was given infinite opportunity to receive, as long as he demonstrated the internal will to balance sharing and receiving. For its part of the bargain, the Divine unconditionally offers each and every one of us new opportunities to learn.

The Divine is not at all judgmental with regard to the speed or efficacy that man fulfills his contract. His love is unconditional; He does not care if man lives the shadow or light side of the contract. The only thing that is relevant is that the contract is kept. Once carnated, there is little that man can do to change the bargain. It is the understanding of what the contract is, and acceptance of its terms, that provides man with choice as it relates to his fate.

So when does it all stop? When does man say to the Divine that he has received enough? This in not likely to occur anytime soon as with each level of understanding gained, rather then the contract going away, a new, higher or more insightful opportunity to learn will present itself. While this can make the challenge within a contract seem futile and without an end, the saving grace for man comes once he or she does experience the clarity that comes along with receiving as internal will is strengthened. In short, not only is it worth the effort, it serves as motivation to continue.

For some, simply living in the present moment is a challenge. For others, the journey through life is only measured by having lived to begin with. There are periods of life when man is given more opportunity then others, however, to embrace his contract at a different level. Even when these time periods occur, there is nothing that says man must embrace it. He may in fact fail to do so, and either be given new opportunity to do so in another spiritual reincarnation, or possibly choose another contract instead that is more readily achievable. As a result of these options, in combination with the seven theme paths, nine personality types, hundreds of archetypes and opportunities for expression through differing combinations of emotional referral zones, literally an infinite number of personalized contracts for the development of internal will exist.

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