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Treatment Options Article

OTC Products & Supplements We Recommend

While there are many useful over the counter products and supplements on the market, we have our favorites. We have chosen these products as they are either high quality, cost effective or fill an otherwise unmet need. In all instances we recommend that you consult with your doctor whenever you have symptoms that merit a medical opinion.

We feel that in most instances it is important to start with a whole food supplement (rather then a man made, fractionated vitamin).

We feel that in most instances it is important to start with a whole food supplements . We recommend this instead of a man-made fractionated supplements because studies show better absorbption, measurable changes in nutrition-based blood levels, slowed progression of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and increased peripheral vascular blood flow with whole food supplements.

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Red Blood Cell Minerals

  1. Calcium Ca
  2. Chromium Cr
  3. Copper Cu
  4. Magnesium Mg
  5. Manganese Mn
  6. Molybdenum Mo
  7. Potassium K
  8. SeleniumSe
  9. Vanadium V
  10. ZincZn
Metabolic Associations
  1. Myriad cell regulatory effects
  2. Insulin target cell binding
  3. Derar Pathways
  4. ATP energy transfer
  5. Biosynthetic pathways
  6. Xanthine oxidase
  7. Neuromuscular function
  8. Antioxidant protection
  9. Cholesterol, triglycerides
  10. Cofactor for numerous enzymes
Potential Responses
  1. 400-800 mg/d
  2. 200-400 mg/d
  3. 3-5 mg/d
  4. 200-400 mg/d
  5. 5-15 mg/d
  6. 1-5 mg/d
  7. Fresh fruit & veg.
  8. 1-5 mg/d
  9. 1-5 mg/d
  10. 5-20 mg/d

Artery Cross-Section

Calcium (Ca)
Erythrocyte calcium is associated with the etiology of heart disease and stroke, as evidenced by correlation with erythrocyte morphological changes in ischemic vascular disease. Intracellular calcium content plays an important role in the induction of blood pressure elevation. Total erythrocyte calcium is elevated in hypertension and in postnatal hypoxic-ishemic encephalopathy. Calcium levels in erythrocytes are not an accurate measure of calcium nutritional status because there are strong mechanisms maintaining the critical intracellular calcium concentrations independent of the total body calcium regulation exerted by parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, etc.

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine: A Holistic Approach for Musculoskeletal Disorders

Numerous forms of regenerative medicine exist today. From a musculoskeletal perspective the first step should embrace the importance of nutrition. While several procedures are available to enhance cell regeneration, none of them will be as effective if the body is nutritionally deficient. While numerous supplements are available, we recommend Juice Plus. This is a whole food fruits and vegetable extract with several medical school studies that demonstrate Juice Plus absorption and cell integration of the underlying nutrients.

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