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Treatment Options Article

Fluoroscopic and Ultrasound Guided Injections

Fluoroscopy (or “fluoro”) is simply a form of imaging much like an x-ray with the added advantage of capturing real-time moving images when necessary.  This makes it extremely useful in variety of ways.  It can be used for purely diagnostic purposes as well as intraoperatively.  Flouroscopically guided injections are frequently done in both an out-patient surgical center setting or if equipped in your doctor’s office.   Usually fluoroscopic suite fees apply (these are in addition to the cost of fluoroscopy itself).

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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

There are numerous options for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy that can reduce pain, numbness, tingling, hot and cold sensations, and even tightness.  And some of the most effective treatments actually help reverse disease instead of just covering up symptoms.

Most people with peripheral neuropathy are told they have “idiopathic” neuropathy.  That means that no one has found the underlying cause, or at least the most likely cause however and does not really help you understand how to get well.  Others are told their neuropathy is due to diabetes, a side effect from medications such as antibiotics or chemotherapy, toxic environmental factors such as drinking too much alcohol or heavy metal exposure, or hereditary.

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Systema to Reduce Tension

Systema , a Russian form of martial art, is a philosophy of life focused upon reducing tension in all aspects of your life. It is not directly obvious that any martial art would have application to medicine, but in this case it does. The number of medical conditions that would be improved upon if there was less tension in someone’s life is too numerous to count. And who wouldn’t want less tension in their life or agree that having less tension would improve quality of life?

According to Systema a key element in tension reduction is breathing. Not just breathing per say but with Systema there is a different focus on the quality, timing, and intent of breathing. This is different than Yoga, Pilates, or other disciplines that focus on breathing. In through the nose (to increase oxygen more quickly to the brain) and out through the mouth (to facilitate restoration in the rest of your body). At least as important is movement, which is initiated by proper breathing technique. In fact it is the act of breathing that initiates quality of movement as opposed to the more common perception that people breathe more heavily after movement.

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