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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Knee Exercises

Quad Sets: The first exercise is to simply sit in a chair, and tighen your thigh muscles. Hold the contraction for at least six seconds. Repeat this six times and do at least three sets a day.

Short Arc Quads are the second set of exercises:

Short Arc Quad ExercisesShort Arc Quad Exercises

Hold you leg ALL the way up, with the knee straight. Then bend your knee only slightly, as shown.

Repeat this exercise 10 repetitions, and perform at least three sets a day.

Add a one pound ankle weight, or use an empty purse with a can of soup or tuna fish on the end of your ankle to add resistance.

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Hip and Knee Stretches

The goal of this stretch is to increase motion accross the front of your hip joint. This will in turn decrease pelvic forward tilt, increase freedom of movement in the knee joint and take pressure off of your hip.

Most people who are tight accross the front of the hip can not get into the position as shown in this illustration. Note how the spine is straight and not arched backwards (which would put unwanted pressure on your spine) and that the bent knee is straight down. The follwing two images show the CORRECT positioning for this stretch.

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