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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Diagnostic Testing

To Test Or Not To Test

To test or not to test.  It is not uncommon to go to your health provider of choice to find out what might be ailing you.  You expect to receive a complete history and physical and then, if necessary, further testing to identify the root cause of the problem.  If the problem is simple and the severity of illness is typical then often no testing is needed and a treatment program can be initiated.   Taking the next step however requires a greater intensity of service.  By its very nature the decision to run diagnostic testing means that either the patient, physician, or both feel that more is needed.   There can be several reasons. They range from concern that the presentation may be life threatening, has significantly affected quality of life, or simply has been going on for too long.    At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA in Greenville, South Carolina we are dedicated to getting to the root cause of complex, chronic conditions so as to find, fix, and ease what hurts.  If you are looking for more than just medications that treat symptoms and want to learn about different diagnostic and treatment options log onto piedmontpmr.com to learn more.

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Women’s Health

Women’s Health is important at Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA.  We focus on several women’s health related issues including breast thermal imaging, compounded hormone replacement therapy, thyroid replacement, fibromyalgia, weather sensitive pain syndromes, and chronic pelvic pain.  We are proud to follow the Guidelines for Breast Thermal Imaging as published by the American Academy of Thermology and that Dr. Schwartz was a lead member of the writing committee for those Guidelines.  Dr. Schwartz has also been the President of the American Academy of Thermology.  He has spoken around the globe on the benefits of medical thermal imaging and has addressed the World Health Organization at the United Nations.  Learn more about our expertise in women’s health and medical thermal imaging by visiting us at piedmontpmr.com.

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Weather Sensitive Pain Syndromes, Ligamentous Laxity, Joint Space Narrowing, and Peripheral Neuropathy

Weather sensitive pain syndromes, ligamentous laxity, joint space narrowing, and peripheral neuropathy.  We treat them all. We offer expertise in diagnosis and treatment options that others simply do not have in their tool box.  Weather sensitive pain syndromes can be validated with sympathetic  skin response studies and ligamentous laxity with musculoskeletal ultrasound. Pain and functional loss from these conditions and joint space narrowing can be restored with regenerative medicine techniques such as prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell.  The signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy  can be reversed through the Realief System of care.   In each instance diagnosis involves the use of harmless studies and treatments make use of non-toxic, non-narcotic agents that are intended to help your body reverse disease rather than simply cover up symptoms.  If you like this approach log onto piedmontpmr.com to learn more.

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