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Aches & Pains

Venous Insufficiency: A Common Cause of Leg Pain

Venous Insufficiency at Piedmont PMR

While most people think of joint disease or injury, muscle, tendon, and ligament strain, or back or leg nerve irritation as the most common causes of leg pan venous insufficiency can also be a common culprit.  Venous insufficiency stems from damage to the valves and the walls of the veins itself. Veins are very elastic (to assist in storing the blood until the heart is ready to pump it) and have special valves that prevent the blood from flowing backwards. When the valves or the vein walls are damaged, blood can pool in the extremities; this almost exclusively occurs in the legs due to the added effect of gravity pulling blood away from the heart. It is characterized by swelling, burning, itching, or skin color changes of the legs. Those affected may also notice their legs feel heavy, tired, restless, or achy.

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Effective Treatment for Neck Pain

At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA we offer effective treatment for people suffering from neck pain.  While we provide relief for the vast majority of people we always find it helpful when our patients have a good understanding of their condition. Neck pain can be divided into two distinct categories. While the first type can be associated with pain of any type or character, and can dramatically affect quality of life to the point of it being disabling, it is not life threatening (at least not in the literal sense of the term).  The second type is life threatening; it is a surgical emergency and can result in loss of bowel or bladder control and paralysis.  One important warning sign is progressive neurologic deficit.  In this case it is not just weakness or numbness that occurs, but it is getting progressively worse and may even spread to other body parts.  If you experience true loss of bowel or bladder control (stress incontinence from coughing or sneezing does not count) or think you are having progressive neurologic deficit, then don’t even think about it; just go to the ER.

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Regenerative Medicine Evaluation Methods

Maintaining a healthy and nutritionally balanced lifestyle is an important part of regenerative medicine. Due to its reliance on the body’s natural healing functions, making healthy dietary and behavioral choices are essential. This is part of the idea of reducing total load, which means eliminating or reducing things that negatively impact your life. By reducing total load, the natural healing process of the body can be amplified greatly without even undergoing formal medical treatment.

If treatment is required, a full exam by a medical professional is highly recommended to assess the root cause of the problem before proceeding. Often, problems arise during treatment when an underlying issue is unknown, so it is crucial to look at the entire body and determine the best method to treat holistically. Piedmont Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation uses cutting edge imaging and detection methods to evaluate their patients, including musculoskeletal ultrasound, electrodiagnostics, segmental plethysmography, and arterial duplex studies.

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