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Breast Thermography and Mammography

Quite often when reading about Breast Thermography there is discussion about women who do not want to get a mammogram so they are looking for an alternative.   A conflict arises centered around Breast Thermography versus Mammography when the real discussion should be about the value of having both Breast Thermography and Mammography.   Breast Thermography is a breast thermal findings assessment, not unlike an elevated blood pressure reading that may indicate risk for stroke or heart attack.  Breast Mammography is an imaging test that looks for signs of abnormal structure associated with things like cancer.   They are simply not the same thing.  In some cases Mammography has a harder time seeing breast tissue changes.  Examples include women with small, dense, fibrocystic breasts or those who have had a mastectomy or implants.   In these cases Thermography is an especially valuable adjunct.   Since it is a test of skin temperature and physiology Breast Thermography also has the advantage of being able to look at estrogen imbalance, lymphatic congestion, and surface vascularity.    In yet other cases women simply want to be as proactive as possible and prefer to get both Breast Thermography and Mammography done in order to have an even more thorough examination done versus what Mammography alone might offer.   It makes sense when considering the merits of any structural or functionally oriented test to make use of both wisely.    For those who are looking for something beyond Mammography choosing both Breast Thermography and Mammography can make sense too.  Learn more about Breast Thermography and women’s health issues at piedmontpmr.com.

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