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Psycho Geometrics Introductory Video
Primary and Secondary Shapes

While there are several resources available to help you identify which shape belongs to your personality, if you simply pick the one that resonates with you the most, chances are that you will get it right. Just ask yourself, “Which shape do I feel like I can relate to the most?”

You may find it easier to read the following paragraphs for guidance. They contain key words, and a brief description of each shape’s personality characteristics. Which one describes you best?

Triangle: These people are headliners. They are highly charged and always on the go. Emotions are not often shown. They like to hold a high moral ground and to convince others they are right. They can be great lovers. They are motivated by the 2nd emotional referral zone* and the desire to reach their highest potential. They are afraid of an unfair advantage being held over them. When upset, they want things done now. When under stress they become belligerent. If they are made to solve someone else’s problems, at the expense of being heard themselves, they become angry. Enneagram** correlate: The perfectionist, the boss. Dress and material possessions: value oriented.

Square: These people are sticklers for details. They are task oriented and like to use calendars and schedules. They like policies, procedures and data acquisition. They are very time oriented. They separate different areas of life — such as work and home, as well as tasks — in order to prevent anything from invading what is inside the box. They are great documenters. They are motivated by the 6th emotional referral zone* and details. They prefer sex on a schedule. Their greatest fear is to be wrong. What’s missing in life for the square is usually something inside their own box. Under stress they become critical. Enneagram** correlate: The observer, the tragic romantic. Dress and material possessions: Corporate.

Circle: These people are process oriented. Relationships count. They do not like to say “no.” They are accommodators and are nurturing. They like to get multiple opinions. They want sex on demand. They are motivated by the 1st emotional referral zone* and a sense of security. Their greatest fear is poor performance, which would mean a loss of identity to them. Under stress they lock down. Process must go well for them to be effective at work. Enneagram** correlate: The giver, the performer. Dress and material possessions: Family oriented, image counts.

Squiggle: They are multi-task oriented. They have high energy, are eccentric and like to do fifteen things at once; getting them done is another issue. All the details about everything count. They like to break the rules. They like kinky sex. They are motivated by the 3rd emotional referral zone* and the desire to have fun. Their greatest fear is losing social approval or status. Under pressure they cry. Enneagram** correlate: The epicure, the trooper. Dress and material possessions: not practical, want based.

Rectangle: This is a transitional, temporary or chameleon shape. They are very perceptive and never study themselves introspectively (but when they do, things will be great). This shape presents at life landmarks such as adolescence and mid-life crisis. They are sociable, friendly, open-minded and unpredictable. They are looking for love and harmony, without personal commitment. They are motivated by the 4th emotional referral zone* and forgiveness. Their greatest fear is finding their true self and accountability (they live by “say what others need, and do what you want”). Enneagram** correlate: The mediator. Dress and material possessions: non-committal.

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