317 St. Francis Dr. Suite 350
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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Pain Versus Tension

Many people with chronic pain are tense.  They naturally  attribute their tension to chronic pain.   But it is quite possible that it is because of tension that they have chronic pain. There is no doubt that tension leads to tightness and tightness leads to weakness.  Most likely both  tension and chronic pain are synergistic in this regard.  They each contribute to Total Load (the total number of things that don’t allow you to get well).   So how does one reduce tension?  There are many options including medications, exercise (movement of any kind can help), practicing breathing techniques, and acceptance.  Naturally there are other choices as well but by focusing on these self-help techniques even those with the most dire of conditions can find some relief.  Visit the Treatment Options section of piedmontpmr.com to learn more.

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