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Improving Quality Of Life For Peripheral Neuropathy

Many patients with peripheral neuropathy have given up.  Nothing seems to work.  They have pain, tingling,  numbness, tightness, balance problems and more.  They have tried injections, pills, and physical therapy without help.  It is now possible however to reverse the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy with simple, non-invasive techniques.   While electrodiagnostic studies (EMG/NCV’s) to validate the presence and extent of neuropathy and Vascular studies to assess if decreased blood flow might contribute to or be the cause of neuropathy should be done they don’t actually reverse disease.  That requires specialized treatment.  We have found the Realief System of Care to provide just that.   Realief is a Laser program that scans the surface of your skin and is applied based upon your signs (physical exam findings) and symptoms (where you complain you are having problems).   Realief is more than just Laser however.  It is a system of care.  Treatment sessions are driven by cloud based programs that draw upon a data base of thousands of patients to determine the best regimen for you.  We are also fortunate that we can coordinate Realief care with a specialized physical therapy program.  Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital has developed a peripheral neuropathy restorative care program that specifically complements the Realief System of care.   Results have been promising and worth looking into.  You can learn more about the treatment of peripheral neuropathy at piedmontpmr.com.

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