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Fibromyaglia: Its That Time of Year

Fibromyalgia patients frequently have increased pain when the weather turns wet and cold.  Other conditions such as RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) also experience weather sensitive pain (sometimes even more then fibromyalgia patients do). Other weather sensitive conditions such as osteoarthritis can also experience weather sensitive pain however in general their condition is such that they can tolerate it more easily (if you have arthritis pain that is weather sensitive and do not have a reasonable time tolerating it then it is quite possible that there is more going on with your condition than simply arthritis).   So it is not a surprise that as we approach the winter season that people with weather sensitive pain are having a hard time of it.   Some simple self help techniques include taking epsom salts baths, using over the counter capsaicin containing cream products (dont get it in your eyes or mouth), and simply trying to keep warm.    If that is not enough you likely should go see your doctor.  You may have discovered however that most doctors are not familiar with weather sensitive pain.  If that is the case and you have given up hope then rest assured there are several options available to both diagnose and treat weather sensitive pain.   While weather sensitive pain is not an easy thing to cure there is plenty that can be done to both reduce pain and improve quality of life.  Learn more at piedmontpmr.com.

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