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317 St. Francis Dr.
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CRPS, RSD and Fibromyalgia Patients Often Have Dysautonomia

CRPS, RSD and Fibromyalgia patients often suffer from the signs and symptoms of Dysautonomia: abnormal function of the autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system is responsible for things like control of blood pressure, skin sweating and temperature, weather sensitivity, heart rate, bowel and bladder control, and even breathing.  Most of us don’t think about these things.  We just assume the body will take care of them.  But when it does not life can be difficult. Fortunately most people who have one of these problems do not have all of them.  Also most people with CRPS, RSD and Fibromyalgia usually only have partial difficulty with the dysautonomia problems that they do have.  There are many options to improve quality of life if you have features of Dysautonomia.  Log onto piedmonpmr.com to learn more.

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