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317 St. Francis Dr.
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Chest Wall, Back and Thoracic Pain

There is relief for chest wall, back and thoracic pain. Many people have chest, back or thoracic pain and are afraid.  They are told it is not their heart so they need to move on with their life, but they hurt and activity is still limited.  They are given pills or told there is nothing that can be done for them.   But that is not true.  Most chest wall pain is not from a heart condition and there is plenty that can be done for it.

It is always safe to see your primary care doctor or a cardiologist if you are worried about cardiac disease.   But if that work up or opinion does not yield results then you don’t have to stop looking for relief.  At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, PA we look for a long list of other medical and musculoskeletal conditions that can cause chest wall, back or thoracic pain.  Examples include strained ligaments, muscle spasm, nerve irritation, rib syndromes, thoracic out let syndrome, viral infections, and even neck or low back conditions (these can refer pain into the chest wall, mid back and thoracic areas).

The first step is to get a proper history and physical exam.   From there,  X-Rays, specialized tests for nerve damage called EMG and NCV studies, or Diagnostic Musucloskeletal Ultrasound can be obtained to find the root cause of your pain. Sometime we may also employ Cold Stress Medical Thermology (Sympathetic Stress Studies) to image specialized weather sensitive nerve fibers in the skin that can cause chest and thoracic pain.

Depending upon what is found a treatment plan that is tailored to address the root cause of your pain can then be employed.  Treatments may include restorative therapies, injection therapy, regenerative medicine techniques, or reducing total load (all factors that don’t allow you to get well).  There are actually many more choices then what we have listed here.  It simply takes a trained musculoskeletal physician to recognize them.

The point is  once a proper diagnosis is made a treatment program can be tailored to your needs with the goal of getting you well and putting quality back into your life.  If you have chronic chest wall, back, or thoracic pain don’t accept that just because it is not coming from your heart that you have to live with it.  Rather give us a call, set up an appointment, and let us help what hurts.