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317 St. Francis Dr.
Suite 350
Greenville, SC 29601
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Breathing: Its Personal

All of us breath, right?  Well not exactly.   Most of us actually don’t breath when we need to the most.   If we get tense, in a pickle, or just move we frequently hold our breath.   Pay attention the next time you sit down or upon standing from sitting.   Did you hold your breath?  When we stop breathing the body automatically shunts blood to the brain.   That means there is less oxygen available to the rest of your body.   Anything oxygen deprived gets tense and does not preform as well as it might have if oxygen was available.   Fortunately the solution is simple.   Breath. In through the nose and out through the mouth.  Breath in with the focus of getting oxygen into the brain and reduce tension and breath out through the mouth in an effort to start your body moving.   By increasing awareness of how often and under what circumstances you stop breathing you can help yourself enjoy life today.  Learn more about breathing and other self help techniques by using the Education tab on piedmontpmr.com.

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