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Understanding and Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder of the nervous system that presents as weakness, numbness, and/or pain in the extremities, typically beginning in the lower extremities.  Other common symptoms include unexplained sensations, hot or cold sensations, tightness, and trouble with day to day activities due to loss of balance/coordination. The causes of peripheral neuropathies are not well understood, because in most cases people are told there is no identifiable reason. However, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, drinking, or chemotherapy are common causes.  With a little bit of investigative work cause can usually be identified.


Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Terzella, and the staff at Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation have found that an effective way to treat patients with peripheral neuropathy is to identify the most likely root cause and then create a plan that is focused on healing and restoration instead of simply prescribing medication to mask symptoms. Through a variety of treatments, Piedmont PMR has seen vast improvement in the lives of many patients dealing with this disorder.


One such treatment option of care is The Realief Program. Piedmont PMR is the only local provider of Realief Therapy.  The Realief Neuropathy Center operates within Piedmont PMR and provides best-in-class therapy for peripheral neuropathy using a software program developed in conjunction with the University of Minnesota Medical School.  This program controls a Class IV therapeutic laser that aids in reducing pain and inflammation in the body.  Realief Therapy is the only treatment available today that has been shown to both reverse the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy instead of simply managing patient complaints.


While pain management does remain an important part of the treatment process, care must be taken to ensure that new problems don’t develop or go unnoticed. The bulk of this care is what Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation calls “reducing total load”, or promoting a holistically healthy lifestyle. In addition to the targeted and personalized treatment prescribed, eating healthier, cutting down on bad habits, and exercising are all a part of the experience that Piedmont PMR offers to provide the best treatment for peripheral neuropathy available.


For more information on peripheral neuropathy, please visit https://treatneuropathygreenvillesc.com  or contact our office at (864) 326-0257 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Terzella and our dedicated team.