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Peripheral Neuropathy: What is it and How can you Treat it?

Peripheral Neuropathy | Piedmibt PMR

Peripheral neuropathy is a disease of the nervous system that stems from a variety of causes, most of which are difficult to determine. While most diagnoses are hard to attribute to a single cause, hardening of arteries, diabetes, chemotherapy, and alcoholism are the most common identifiable causes of peripheral neuropathy.  Those suffering from peripheral neuropathy usually complain of tingling, numbness, tightness, hot or cold sensations, and/or pain in the extremities. These symptoms can lead to difficulty with everyday activities, loss of coordination, and unexplained sensations; they generally begin in the lower extremities but symptoms can be present in the hands as well.

At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we pride ourselves for searching for the root cause of your case of peripheral neuropathy so that we can do what is possible to stop it from progressing and then offering treatments that actually reverse disease.   Yes, there are treatment options that have been shown in medical center run studies to reverse disease.  Signs such as pin prick and vibration return or improve and symptoms such as tightness, tingling, numbness, hot or cold sensations, and pain all improve.   While balance it the hardest symptom to address in many cases it too can be improved upon.

While medications play a role is helping to mask or deal with symptoms there are none available that actually reverse disease.    At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a variety of treatments are at our disposal; The Realief program of care, performed with a special form of Laser therapy and monitored by a University of Minnesota Medical School affiliated company is the most documented treatment option that reverses disease, Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as the only local provider of Realief Therapy, is proud to be able to offer this unique and innovative treatment option. But we offer more than that as well.  We have a long standing tradition of providing regenerative medicine treatment options; our goal is to reverse disease, not to just cover up symptoms. From proliferative injection to stem cell grafting and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) we attempt to help your body heal itself.  We also take a holistic approach.  We provide insight counseling for ways to adjust your lifestyle, improve nutrition, and look at things like vascular disease to improve blood flow so you’re your body has a chance to heal.  The treatment options offered by Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Terzella are among the best in the country.

While pain management is never something we ignore, it is not always the main focus of our treatment plan when it comes to peripheral neuropathy. At Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we like to look at the whole person and address what it is that they need in order to get well.  We call this “reducing total load”.  By helping you to minimize the total number of things that do not let your body get well we are also helping you to get onto a healing path.

For more information on peripheral neuropathy and the treatment options we offer please visit https://treatneuropathygreenvillesc.com/  .  Contact our office today at (864) 326-0257 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Terzella so that we may start right away to help you find ways to put quality back in your life.


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