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How Diet and Exercise Affect Your Stem Cells


A little while ago, we discussed how altering your diet and taking supplements for the better can increase the effectiveness of regenerative medicine treatments

(including stem cell therapy for musculoskeletal pain). Proper diet, nutrition and exercise have demonstrated to be key components in healthy living, and they give you optimal support in receiving treatments. But a healthy lifestyle is also beneficial for your stem cells even prior to harvesting and repurposing.

What we’re saying is that, the common phrase, “you are what you eat,” applies to your body at the most cellular level. Stem cells are affected by factors like your diet and exercise as much as any other part in your body. So what specific components of your diet and exercise routine should you focus on for healthy stem cells? Let’s take a look…

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How Can Athletes Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy?

Athletes benefit from stem cell therapy

Athletes put their bodies to the test every day. Some days might be more vigorous than others, but each day is a step to becoming better at their sport. But there are limitations to how far they can push themselves, and if they go past that limitation there is risk of serious injury.

Regardless of whether you play soccer, football, baseball or are a dancer, you are prone to injury for a variety of reasons. Athletes know this fact very well, and when they get seriously injured there are a few options to consider. Stem cell therapy, for instance is one alternative. Let’s go over what it is and how it can benefit an athlete like you.

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Tell Me About Stem Cells and Treatment

what are stem cells

What are Stem Cells?

Could you imagine your body having the inability to heal itself after tearing muscle tissue? Or the inability to replenish and replace dying and dead skin cells. Well that’s where stem cells come in. They do that and so much more.

A stem cell is unique to any other cell in your body because of its ability to renew and regenerate. They don’t carry out specialized functions like brain, red, or white blood cells, but they are a vital component in repairing and replacing damaged or torn tissue. After all, a cluster of stem cells is where the formation of every organ and tissue in your body came from.

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