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Emotional Referral Zone 2

The second ER zone is your center of personal power, creativity, sexuality, and finances. Issues of physical survival, control, and one-on-one relationships are at the core of this energy center.

This ER zone resonates to our need for relationships with other people and our need to control to some extent the dynamics of our physical environment. All the attachments by which we maintain control over our external lives, such as authority, other people, or money, are linked through this ER zone to our energy field and physical body. The illnesses that originate in this zone are activated by the fear of losing control.

The energy in this ER zone enables us to generate a sense of personal identity and protective psychological boundaries. As we continually assess our personal strength in regard to the external world and its physically seductive forces, the energy in this ER zone of a healthy physical ego keeps us able to interact with the world without having to prostitute ourselves; it is the energy of self-sufficiency, a survival instinct for being in the world.

Point Of Focus: Honor One Another

This lesson applies to our interactions with each other and with all forms of life. Every relationship you develop, from casual to intimate, helps you become more conscious. No union is without spiritual value.

Effects Lower abdomen to navel, sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, appendix, bladder, hip area.

Arthritis, chronic lower back or hip pain, sciatica, pelvic/low back pain, sexual potency, urinary problems, prostate or ovarian/uterine illnesses,fibroids, menopause severity.

Fear of loss of control, or being controlled, through events such as addiction, rape, betrayal, impotence, financial loss, or abandonment by partners or colleagues, ability to take risks, personal identity, blame, guilt, money. sex, power, control, creativity, ethics, honor in relationships, decision-making ability, power to rebel.

Questions for Self-Examination

  1. How do you define creativity? Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you follow through on your creative ideas?
  2. Are you comfortable with your sexuality? If not, are you working toward healing your sexual imbalances? Do you use people for sexual pleasure, or have you felt used? Do you honor your own sexual boundaries?
  3. Do you keep your word? What is your personal code of honor? of ethics? Do you negotiate your ethics depending on your circumstances?
  4. Do you have an impression of the Divine as a force that exerts justice in your life?
  5. Are you a controlling person? Do you engage in power plays? Are you able to see yourself clearly in circumstances related to power and money?
  6. Does money have authority over you? Do you make compromises that violate your inner self for the sake of financial security?
  7. How often do survival fears dictate your choices?
  8. Can you master your fears about finances and physical survival, or do they control you and your attitudes?

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Emotional Referral Zones 1- 7, adapted By Robert G. Schwartz, M.D., from Myss.com