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Emotional Referral Zone 1

The first ERZ grounds us. It is the foundation of emotional and mental health and the connection to traditional familial beliefs that support the formation of identity and a sense of belonging to a group. Emotional and physical stability originate in the family and early social environent.

The first ERZ manifests our need for logic, order and structure. This energy orients us in time and space to our five senses. It also has trouble interpreting our lives symbolically, for our five senses give us literal perceptions and cause us to take things at face value. It is only when we are older that we can seek out the symbolic meaning of events and relationships.

Point Of Focus: All is One

You are connected to all of life. Every choice you make and every belief you hold exerts influence upon the whole of life.

Base of spine, legs, bones, feet, rectum, immune system.

Chronic lower back pain, rectal and immune disorders, depression, multiple personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, sciatica, varicose veins.

Physical family and group safety and security, ability to provide for life’s necessities and stand up for yourself, feeling at home, social and familial law and order, abandonment fears, family bonding, identity, tribal or group honor code, support and loyalty.

To connect to the energy of your first ER zone, focus your attention on something tribal that triggers an emotional response in you.

  • Listening to the national anthem
  • Observing a military spectacle
  • Watching an athlete receive a gold medal at the Olympics
  • Witnessing the marriage of someone you care about
  • Learning that a child has been named after you

There are three moral attitudes essential to our well-being and sense of personal and group responsibility. They are loyalty, honor and justice. Each of them expresses the lesson of All is One.

Questions for Self-Examination
1. What belief patterns did you inherit from your family?
2. Do all of them still have authority over you?
3. What superstitions do you have?
4. Which superstitions have more authority over you than your own reasoning ability?
5. Do you have a personal code of honor?

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Emotional Referral Zones

Emotional Referral Zones 1- 7, adapted By Robert G. Schwartz, M.D., from Myss.com